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SamSharon is the het ship between Sam Wilson and Sharon Carter from the Marvel and Marvel Cinematic Universe fandoms.



Captain America: Civil War

In Civil War, Sharon was giving an eulogy for Peggy Carter in her funeral, which made Sam and Steve notice her. Later, Sam informed Sharon and Steve about the bombing of Vienna International Centre. In the Joint Counter Terrorist Centre, Sharon gave the receipt for their gear. Sam was not happy with his wingsuit written as 'bird costume', but Sharon told him she didn't write the receipt. After the government tried to hunt Steve, Sam, and Bucky, Sharon smuggled their weapons out of C.I.A to help them.

The Falcon and The Winder Soldier

Power Broker

When Sam was in an undercover mission with Bucky and Zemo, they get noticed by Sharon. Sharon showed up when they were trying to escape from people who try to kill them for a bounty reward. Sam tried to explain to Sharon that someone recreated the super-soldier serum and Zemo had a lead. When being asked what she was doing there, she told them she was there because she took Steve's shield and Sam's wings, and she didn't have the Avengers to back her up. Sam told her that he was on the run too, but Sharon pointed a big difference that unlike Sam, she's currently on the run and not previously. Sharon then took them to her place in High Town.

When Sam was changing, Sharon told him that he looked 'much better'. Sam then asked Sharon whether she wanted to come home or not, but Sharon replied that she'd be thrown to jail if she returned. Sam then apologized that he didn't call, citing Blip and the chaos as the main reasons. To this, Sharon called the whole hero thing as a joke, telling him that the way Sam gave up the shield assured her that he must know it's all hypocrisy.

Sam then asked for Sharon's help, promising her to get her name cleared, which Sharon initially didn't buy. Sam told her that maybe it's hypocrisy and that maybe Sharon's right, but he's willing to try if she's. Eventually, they made a deal that if Sharon helped Sam out, he would get her name cleared. After they found out the information about the Super Soldier serum, they separated. Sam asked Sharon to come back to the United States of America with them, but Sharon told him she couldn't and reminded him of the pardon he promised her.

The Whole World is Watching

Sam called Sharon to keep her eyes on the Flag Smashers camp because Zemo held him and Bucky hostage with the information. Sharon agreed to help and Sam thanked her. Sharon warned Sam that he must find Karli to find the Super Soldier serum, because the "Power Broker" was not happy about Nagel's death and wanted the serum back. Later, through a messaging line, Sam asked for Sharon's favor to keep her eye on Walker.

One World, One People

Sam once again asked for Sharon's help when he knew of the upcoming attack of Flag Smashers on Global Repatriation Council. Sharon went to the United States of America and disguised herself to enter the meeting hall. Sam thanked Sharon for risking a lot coming there, and Sharon brought up about pardons again, calling it "not all they're cracked up to be".

Sharon confronted Karli and had some conversations with her and Batroc. When Sharon shot Batroc dead, Karli also shot her and was about to kill her, but Sam stepped in and Karli ended up attacking him instead. After brutally attacking Sam yet not having him fight back, Karli was ready to kill him until Sharon shot her dead.

After Sam gave a speech to the GRC as the new Captain America, he and Bucky encountered Sharon. Sam responded to Sharon's condition by saying that she needed to go to a hospital, which she refused. Sharon apologized for the way things ended and complimented Sam's new suit, and Sam told her he didn't forget his promise of getting her a pardon. Sam kept the promise, unaware of this leading her to gain direct access to government secrets and weapons to sell.

Comics (Earth 616)

Captain America (2005)

After the death of Steve Rogers, Sharon fell into depression and quit SHIELD. Her head would often recall the memory of Steve getting shot, and during one particular memory that she had, she found out that she had been mind controlled by Dr Faustus to assassinate him. This caused Sharon to become suicidal, and she would often have hallucinations of Dr Faustus and hear voices in her head. When Sam visits Sharon again, he comforts and assures her that there are still people in her life who care about her and would willingly take a bullet for her. Together, Nick Fury assigns Sam and Sharon on a mission to find the Winter Soldier. Investigating all over the city, the two end up finding an AIM group. Whilst fighting, when Sharon aims a gun at an AIM agent who begs for her to not kill him, she remembers shooting Steve once again and drops the gun. The AIM agent takes advantage of her moment of weakness and prepares to kill her, only to be knocked out by Sam. Sam asks Sharon if she's okay, and although Sharon says she's fine, he doubts her. As they leave, Sam lets Sharon hang onto him.

While their interactions are sometimes limited, Sam has said many times that Sharon is one of his good friends, and he would always be there for her. Same is said by Sharon as she considers Sam to be one of her closest friends. In Issue #28, Sharon hangs onto Sam and the two fly together; searching for the Winter Soldier.

When Natasha Romanoff teams up with Sam to find the Winter Soldier, she and Sam find out from Tony Stark that Sharon has been mind controlled by Dr Faustus. Before the two could detain her, Sharon uses a SHIELD Neural Neutralizer to knock them both out. When Tony later brings Sam and Natasha at the SHIELD Helicarrier to talk about Sharon, Sam defends her and says that she would never kill Steve. After realizing it's mind control, Sam and Natasha make a plan to save Sharon.

In Issue #30, Sharon had regained somewhat control of her own mind, and realized she was pregnant with Steve's child. Unfortunately, Sharon's child was killed when The Red Skull's daughter Sin (Synthia Schmidtt) injured her almost beyond recovery.

When Sharon is finally saved from Dr Faustus and the Avengers take down the Red Skull, Sam and Sharon embrace each other when they reunite. After a year since Steve's death, she doesn't remember being pregnant with Steve's child, but when she finds out the day Sam visits her again, Sam comforts her as she cries.

The two have more interactions in the old Captain America comic's like in Captain America Vol 1 (1972), and after Captain America: One Year in Captain America: REBORN when they make a plan alongside the Vision and Hank Pym to save Steve Rogers. Eventually, the Avengers defeat The Red Skull and save Steve.



Sharon“For what it's worth it looks good on you.”
Sharon“The receipt for your gear.”
Sam“Bird costume? Come on..”


“Oh, Sam.. I did it.”
— Sharon to Sam in Captain America 2005 #42
Sam“And YOU, Sharon-- you keep him (Steve) away from all the other bikini clad beauties, you hear?”
Sharon“I guarentee, he won't even notice em' Sam.”
Sam (on the phone)“Hey, Sharon... Hey ... Hey, Yeah... Just checkin' in..”
Sharon (on the phone)“Okay, Sam... fly safely... See you tommorow.”

Behind The Scenes

“Sharon Carter. I like Sharon Carter.”
— Anthony Mackie on the question "Who Would You Date Between Black Widow, Sharon Carter or Peggy Carter?"[1]


SamSharon started especially after The Falcon and The Winter Soldier when both of them were seen with more interactions. Fans noted that Sharon flirted with Sam by complimenting his appearance twice, which might be a clue to her interest toward him. Now that Sharon is being written as a villain, and Sam is a main superhero, fans would love to see the dynamics between them. The fact that Sam trusts Sharon makes fans more interested to see his reaction if he finds out about Sharon being the Power Broker. Some pointed out that it was nice of Sam to be the first person to acknowledge her after Civil War, also noting that a friendship between them would be nice, seeing both of them understand the burden of a legacy.

Amongst the comic fans, the ship is often considered to be either platonic or romantic. Some ship Staron (Steve and Sharon) over them and only like them as friends, but other's think the ship could have massive potential in the MCU. Staron, SamMisty, BuckySharon and SamSharon shippers don't have any rivalry, as all the ships are equally enjoyed amongst them.



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