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Samkota is the het shipping between Sam and Dakota from the Total Drama fandom.


Sam and Dakota become friends when they are put on the same team, and realize the similarities they have in common. Sam actively tries to compliment Dakota, but isn't always the best at it. Their team, the Toxic Rats makes plans to get Dakota eliminated, except for Sam, who is opposed to it. He is very upset when she does end up getting voted out. He is sad that he won't be able to even have the chance of asking her out.

Dakota returns as an intern, and Sam is happy to see her again. In one challenge, toxic waste causes Dakota to transform into a mutant, and hearing that Sam has been buried alive for a challenge makes her angry. Once Dakota finds Sam, the two are incredibly happy to see each other. Even though Dakota is a mutant, Sam thinks that she is even more awesome in that form. Even though both are later eliminated, the two don't care begin their relationship with their first kiss. They continue to kiss while they're on the Hurl of Shame.

In the finale, Dakota saves Sam from a mutant turtle. The two are shown to still be dating through Sam's photo revealed in the premiere episode of the succeeding season. Sam confirms that the reason he returned to the show was so that he could expose himself to the toxic waste and become a mutant like Dakota. He is disappointed when he learns the toxic waste has been all cleaned up.


“Hey, Dakota. Sorry about before. I was just so taken by your beautiful... nostrils.”
— Sam's famous pick-up line from the second episode of the fourth season.
“Why is like that, so... squirmy? I feel like... apologizing? If this is what it means to feel bad for someone else, I don't like it. I'm out!”
— Dakota begins to care for Sam.
Dakota“You want my advice? Really? No one ever asks me for my advice! Sure, I'd be happy to help! Okay. This is major top secret. Like, three whole seasons ahead secret. Stripes. They are so on trend.”
Sam“Stripes, of course! Thanks, Dakota, you're an angel!”
— Dakota is glad that someone wants her advice.
Dakota“Sam, wait!”
Sam“Hey, you came to see me off!”
Dakota“Aww, I'm gonna miss you. Here, call me, okay?”
Sam“I may have lost the game, but I won the heart of the girl of my-- [screaming] dreams!”
— Dakota and Sam's dialogue before the latter's elimination.
“Whoa. The girl of my dreams just got a thousand times more awesome!”
— Sam's reaction to seeing Dakota's mutated form for the first time.
Dakota“Sam still like Dakota?”
Sam“I've always liked you. Man hands or no man hands. You were cute before, but now you're like, the hottest warrior in Mutazoid V! You're the Dakota-zoid!”
— Sam accepting Dakota's new mutated form.


The ship sailed as a result of Dakota and Sam's canon relationship. Although this pairing isn't as popular as Zoke, counting Zoke's haters, this is the most popular canon relationship from the second cast of Total Drama. Overall, it tends to be forgotten or among the middle of the fans' relationships rankings, although some have it ranked high.

While Dakota's mutation met with negative feedback from the fans, the fact that Sam accepted her new form was appreciated. The ship is also liked for pairing together somwhat polar opposites - a popular rich girl and a nerdy gamer. For the same reasons, both sharing some similarities (depending on electronic devices) also made it a well-received couple.



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  • They both have some sort of electronic device that they depend on:
    • Dakota is dependent on her cell phone to text and call her paparazzi, while Sam is dependent on his portable console.
    • Both have suffered withdrawal symptoms after their respected devices were taken from them. This was explored further by Sam so he could bond with Dakota.
  • This is the second couple to take the elimination exit together with the first being Gidgette in Alien Resurr-eggtion.
  • They are the only contestants in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island to take the Hurl of Shame more than once.
    • Sam takes it twice while Dakota takes it three times.
    • They are also the only contestants to take the Hurl of Shame, despite no longer being contestants. Dakota took it in Finders Creepers, while Sam took it in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean.
  • This is the first couple of the new cast to compete in Skatoony.


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