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Samquin is the slash ship between Sam Wilson and Joaquin Torres from the Marvel Cinematic Universe fandom.


The New World Order

As Sam is ready to jump out of the plane, his commander tells him the Lieutenant Torres will assist him from the ground. Once he's in the air, he gets the radio from Joaquin who sends him the intel. Sam asks for signs of LAF, but Torres hasn't found anything yet. But he'll keep looking. Sam gets to the plane and sees that it's already been taken, and Joaquin says that they're gonna need to call some people.

Joaquin informs Sam that he's about to fly into Libyan airspace. Sam assumes they'd have a problem with that and Joaquin informs him that it'd be a big problem. Sam asks how long he has, and Joaquin tells him ninety seconds, when missiles start to fire on Sam. Joquin notices how outnumbered he is and uses the jeep to follow Sam. Joaquin calls again and tells Sam they need to fall back and find another way. Just then Sam's wings repair themselves and Sam says that he just did. Sam is then able to rescue the captain, and Joaquin chears him on as he does.

At a cafe in Tunisia Sam fixes Red Wing as Joaquin gives him a drink. Sam thanks him. Joaquin suggest re-routing something, but Sam stops him. Sam says that anytime ops touches him he gets glitchy, but Joaquin says that the tech guys can't compete with Stark's. Joaquin takes out his phone as a couple thanks Sam for saving the world. Sam replies that he was just helping, in Arabic, and Joaquin asks if to say it again. Sam jokingly tells him to cut it out. Joaquin tells him about the Flag Smashers and shows Sam their symbol. Sam asks if bad guys giving themselves bad names is a new thing, but Joaquin tells him that there are worse ones than that one. Joaquin explains that they think the world was better during the blip, and Sam tells him that when things go right for one group, they get worse for the other. Sam tells him to keep an eye on it and if it gets serious, to let him know. Joaquin says that he will. Joaquin can't help but ask about the crazy conspiracy theories regarding Steve, including that he's on a secret moon base. Sam says not to take them seriously, then Joaquin asks if he flew him up there. Sam is about to pay for lunch when Joaquin says he'll get it. Sam says he'll get him next time and packs away Red Wing. Joaquin asks where he's headed, and Sam answers D.C. Joaquin asks what he's doing and Sam jokingly replies "moon stuff". Joaquin gets that he means Avengers business and looks impressed.

Sam gets a Joaquin telling him to get a secure line, followed by a selfie of his injured face. Sam calls him and watches the video of the Flag Smasher leader. Sam thought Joaquin was supposed to be sticking to the internet, but Joaquin says that you need to get your hands dirty. Or get a broken orbital at least. Sam says that's lucky that's all he got and notices how strong the rest are also. Joaquin tells him that they disappeared right after and that they need to keep their ears to the ground. Sam asks if anything happened outside of the video, but Joaquin didn't see anything. He asks what Sam is thinking, but Sam says it's nothing. Joaquin is about to ask, but Sam quickly says he'll get back to him and to keep it between the two of them. Joaquin says okay and they end the call.


The New World Order

  • Joaquin calls for Sam when he see's the plane start to go down.
  • Joaquin is impressed by Sam's exit.

The Star-Spangled Man

  • Sam thanks Joaquin for flying him to the flag-smashers location.
  • Joaquin tells Sam that it's one minute till drop off.
  • Joaquin watches Sam jump out of the plane.

Power Broker

  • Sam calls Joaquin to have him look into where the Flag-Smashers might be.
  • Sam tells Joaquin he's done a good job finding Karli.


The ship gained fans quickly after The Falcon and The Winter Soldier premiere. Many fans cited Joaquin fanboying over Sam, coming off as him having a crush as the reason they started shipping the two. There have been very few fan works made so far. Most of the shipping is entirely in jokey text posts and other prompts.

On AO3, Samquin is the most written ship for Joaquin.



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Bird Husbands refers to the ship between Bucky Barnes, Sam and Joaquin


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