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SamuPichi is the femslash ship between Samus Aran and Princess Peach from the Super Smash Bros. fandom.


Princess Peach and Samus Aran are both blonde, female characters owned by Nintendo. They are some of the first female characters created by the company. Both are shown to play important roles in the game series they come from, with Samus being the protagonist of Metroid and Peach acting as an ally in the Super Mario series. In some promotional artwork, such as in a 3DS commercial featuring Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, they are seen together.

The duo's main interaction comes from the Super Smash Bros. series. Both are playable characters who are prominently featured throughout the series. They are both shown to oppose villains such as Ridley, Bowser, Master Hand, Crazy Hand, Tabuu, and Galeem. They indirectly team up to defeat Tabuu and Galeem. In Ultimate's Spirit Board mode, the duo represent Ann Takamaki, with Peach as Ann's Persona.

In the Nintendo Power comic, Mario vs. Wario, Peach sees a Samus Aran plushie in a store window. She proceeds to call it cute and wishes she owned the doll. This results in Mario and Wario attempting to buy said toy for her. However, a third, green party had already bought it for the princess—Luigi. Peach thanks Luigi and states that it was the prefect present.


The ship formed due to both women sharing similar traits. Their appearance and roles in Nintendo games are a few examples of this. Some fans find satisfaction in Samus finding a love interest due to her original series not having one for her. A popular headcanon among fans is that the character is attracted to women, which helped fuel the popularity of the ship. Samus' status as a hero has also caused some to see the appeal of Peach being rescued by the Bounty Hunter.

Fanart will depict Samus as being more muscular than Peach. Commonly, comics will have Samus show off her muscles to Peach, resulting in Peach being impressed, other smash fighters being disappointed by their own build, or both. The latter may sometimes carry the princess wedding-style in art. This has occurred even before Super Mario Odyssey.

Thanks to Smash Bros.' camera mode via the pause screen, some fans have taken photos of the two women to depict the ship. Zero Suit Samus is typically used more for photos. Actions that may be depicted include hugging, kissing, gifting each other presents, and marrying each other. The latter will have them use their white and/or black alts. For blushing, players may either edit the image themselves in Photoshop or have Peach eat curry to cause her to blush in-game.



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