SaneGiyuu is the slash ship between Sanemi Shinazugawa and Giyuu Tomioka from the Demon Slayer fandom.


Sanemi and Giyuu are the Wind Pillar and Water Pillar respectively of the Demon Slaying Corps.

They are polar opposites personality-wise, but they share many similarities despite so. Both have lost their only family to demons and a best friend who died during a team battle against a demon.

In chapter 136, the two spar at the Water Estate with wooden swords. The fight ends when both of their swords break from the power of the other's breath technique, Sanemi suggests that they continue the fight with fists before Tanjirou interrupts with some ohagi. Sanemi gets angry since he and Tanjirou aren't supposed to be in each other's vicinity, so he storms off. As he goes, Giyuu plans to sneak some ohagi into a bag and give it to Sanemi so they can be friends.

Volume 19


Giyuu and Sanemi team up against Muzan

During the battle against Muzan, Sanemi clashes his blade against Giyuu's to turn both of their blades blood red. Putting aside their past bickering and fights, the two create a surprising efficient and strong team, managing to land numerous hits before they both got knocked out.

In an extra panel for Volume 19, Sanemi is seen getting scolded by the other pillars for disrespecting/interrupting Oyakata-sama while Giyuu is seen in the background with his typical poker face. This panel is significant because it shows that Giyuu doesn't seem to mind Sanemi's candor and hot-headed personality.


Fans like to call the pairing "Hotheaded idiot X Oblivious idiot", since despite their exterior, both characters have proved that they do have a softer side that has simply been buried due to too many losses. Fanworks often explore the trauma the two have gone through and them finding comfort in each other. As such, future canon-divergence universe have become popular, especially ones that take place after Muzan's defeat.

Sanemi is also canonically colorblind, whether this was just a metaphor or literal has not been confirmed. But due to the many different forms of colorblindness, with the most common being red-green colorblindness, blue may be the only color Sanemi can see properly. Blue also happens to the color of Giyuu's eyes and the main color for his breath technique/sword.

Some have noted the similarities between this ship and TodoBaku. Since both ships involve a hot-head and cool, collected character being shipped together.

On AO3, it is the fourth most written ship under the Demon Slayer tag. It is also Sanemi's most written and Giyuu's second most written.



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  • Sanemi's favorite food is ohagi, which Giyuu has tried to make for him; Giyuu's favorite food is simmered salmon with daikon.



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