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SaneKana is the het ship between Sanemi Shinazugawa and Kanae Kochou from the Demon Slayer fandom.


Sanemi and Kanae's first and only known interaction was when the former got angry at Kagaya, accusing the their leader that he didn't value the lives and efforts of the demon slayers who die for their cause. Kanae cuts into Sanemi's outburst and tells the latter about their leader's point in memorizing all of the names and backgrounds of their fallen comrades. She is notably one of the only pillars that are not angry with Sanemi's rudeness, and the only one to speak up.

After reading Masachika's will, Sanemi starts crying. Kanae is next to him with a concerned expression.

Despite being so vastly different from each other, they share many similarities. Both are the eldest of their family and wish to protect their younger sibling(s), both have lost almost all of their family to demons, and their reasons to become demon slayers are also similar: avenging their family. The one exception to this is that while Kanae seeks to make peace with the demons and befriend them- Sanemi is hellbent on eliminating all demons.


It is a rare-pair and generally new ship. The ship has more popularity among Japanese fans based on the amount of fanworks, but it still has a decent amount of English-speaking fans, such as 3rdgymbros's blog on Tumblr and the works in AO3.

SaneKana started when people realized how well their personalities went together, Sanemi with his harsh personality and Kanae with her gentleness. Their potential, aesthetic, and similarities is what they're mostly shipped for.



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