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No woman should ever suffer at the hands of men
—Sara to Sin[1]

Sara Lance is a principal character from the Legends of Tomorrow fandom, originating on Arrow and a part of the Arrowverse fandom.


At first a sorta aimless younger sister of valedictorian, lawyer Laurel Lance, Sara expresses herself through a rebellious nature, which finds her keeping secrets from her family and hooking up with her sister's long-term boyfriend. In reality, Sara is lonely and it likely stems from her not being able to fully express herself, which she later does after her experiences following the sinking of the Queen's Gambit and her life as a member of the League of Assassins.

Returning to watch over her family, Sara is reluctant to let them see what she has become, but is met with acceptance from her parents and, after initial turmoil, starts to mend fences with her estranged sister. Laurel gives Sara the moniker White Canary, telling her she doesn't have to live in the darkness anymore. That she can be happy now. Rip Hunter echoes this sentiment when he voices Sara's strength and resilience, that she is not a killer at heart. After Rip is lost to the team, Sara takes on the mantel of Captain of the Waverider and leader of the Legends, with verve.



Canarrow — the ship between Sara and Oliver Queen
Canaryflash — the ship between Sara and Barry Allen
Canary Vibe — the ship between Sara and Cisco Ramon
CanaryAtom — the ship between Sara and Ray Palmer
Canarystorm — the ship between Sara and Jax
Canarywave — the ship between Sara and Mick Rory
Captain Canary — the ship between Sara and Leonard Snart
Hellcanary — the ship between Sara and John Constantine
Steel Canary — the ship between Sara and Nate Heywood
Time Canary – the ship between Sara and Rip Hunter


Agent Canary — the ship between Sara and Alex Danvers
Avalance — the ship between Sara and Ava Sharpe
Batlance — the ship between Sara and Kate Kane
Canary Vixen — the ship between Sara and Amaya Jiwe
Canaryhawk — the ship between Sara and Kendra Saunders
Lindsara — the ship between Sara and Lindsay Carlisle
Nyssara — the ship between Sara and Nyssa al Ghul
Smoaking Canary — the ship between Sara and Felicity Smoak
Snowcanary — the ship between Sara and Caitlin Snow
Supercanary — the ship between Sara and Kara Zor-El
Tomance — the ship between Sara and Zari Tomaz


Canaryhawkvixen — the ship between Sara, Kendra Saunders and Amaya Jiwe
Rogue Canary — the ship between Mick Rory, Leonard Snart and Sara
Smoaking Canarrow — the ship between Felicity Smoak, Sara, and Oliver Queen
Samari — the ship between Sara, Amaya Jiwe and Zari Tomaz


Lance Sisters - the ship between Sara and Laurel Lance
Legends of Domesticity — the ship between all the members of the team


Ava Sharpe

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John Constantine

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Alex Danvers

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Leonard Snart

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Oliver Queen

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Nyssa al Ghul

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Rip Hunter

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Felicity Smoak

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2688 Avalance Ava Sharpe femslash
2074 Captain Canary Leonard Snart het
1117 Nyssara Nyssa al Ghul femslash
461 Canarrow Oliver Queen het
309 Lance Sisters Laurel Lance family
293 Smoaking Canary Felicity Smoak femslash
218 Time Canary Rip Hunter het
164 Sara & Felicity Felicity Smoak gen
159 Agent Canary Alex Danvers femslash
128 Sara & Oliver Oliver Queen gen


  • Sara wanted to be a doctor, heal people, when she was a kid[2]
  • In the DC comics, White Canary is not related to the Lances at all, but is Asian and the sole sister of the Twelve Brothers of Silk, an elite group of assassins, and seeks to enact her vendetta against Black Canary[3].
  • Cisco made Sara's White Canary suit.

Notes and references

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  3. DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Who is White Canary? (May 2015)


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