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Sarido is the het ship between Mido and Saria from The Legend of Zelda fandom.


Mido and Saria are both Kokiri and have known each other for a long time because they both live in the Kokiri Forest. Mido is the leader of the Kokiri and has always seemed to have eyes for Saria who is a very popular girl among the Kokiri. However, Saria has never seemed to like Mido very much. This is most likely because of the way he treated Link who was welcomed into the forest despite not being a Kokiri. Mido often bullied Link for being different and Saria always stood up for him. Saria became best friends with Link which made Mido feel jealous.

One year, a fairy finally came to Link and he was called to leave the forest and journey around the world. Before leaving, the Great Deku Tree passed away and Mido blamed Link for his death. Saria once again came to his defense and tried to stop Mido from point fingers at him. As the years passed, monsters began to appear in the forest. Saria felt a calling from the Forest Temple so she went there along with Mido. She instructs him to guard the path and not allow anybody to pass.

Mido remains loyal to Saria and does not allow anybody else to head to the temple, including a grown-up Link whom he does not recognize. However, once Link plays Saria's Song, he realizes that Saria must trust him and allows him to pass. If Link speaks to Mido after clearing the temple, he will realize that that Saria is not coming back and asks Link to Link that Saria "really liked..." but does not finish the sentence. After Ganondorf is defeated, all of the Kokiri are celebrating at Lon Lon Ranch but Mido is sitting aside and pouting along with King Zora because he misses Saria. However, he notices a rain of green light and looks up at the sky to see a green light flying along with a blue light followed by more lights. Saria then appears on Death Mountain along with the other sages.


Sarido has a small amount of popularity in the Zelda fandom. It is often overlooked and is not as popular as Salink but still has its popularity. Many ship Sarido as an alternative to Salink because the two are Kokiri and will always remain the same age whereas Link eventually grows up. There is also the fact that Link disappears from the adult timeline while Saria is returned to Death Mountain and Mido remains. As such, many fans see their relationship as a possibility, especially after Mido matures.



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