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Sasharcy is the femslash ship between Marcy Wu and Sasha Waybright from the Amphibia fandom.


Sasha and Marcy are best friends who both attend Saint James Middle School together, and were revealed to have been friends since they were very young in "The Third Temple". They met when they were little, as Sasha had tried to save Marcy and Anne Boonchuy from two teenage girls, who were preventing Marcy and Anne from accessing the swings. Despite the fact that she failed to fight them, she was still able to win Marcy and Anne's friendship. At school, Marcy is normally clumsy and does not pay close attention to her surroundings, leading Sasha to the conclusion that Marcy will one day get herself killed. On Anne's birthday, Marcy learns that her dad got a new job that will have the Wu family moving to a new location, the thought alone of being separated from her best friends upsets Marcy as she runs out of the house crying. Before Marcy got the bad news, Sasha had been texting her about Anne's birthday. As she leaves, she finds a mysterious book that has a page on the Calamity Box , describing its ability to transport people to other worlds. As Marcy's running away, she sees the very box in a thrift store, she getting the idea to present the music box as a birthday gift to Anne. Marcy wasn't sure if the box would work at all, but Anne once opens it alongside Marcy and Sasha they get transported to Amphibia, separating them in the process.

Marcy ends up in Newtopia where she befriends its king and becomes a respected figure in the city. Sasha lands in Toad Tower and gets thrown in a prison until she earns the respect of the toads, becoming a high ranking member of Captain Grime's army. Even though the two have adapted to Amphibia and gained the skills and armour to help them survive it, they never gave up on of the hope of finding one another. After Marcy is reunited with Anne she is happy to learn that Anne was able to find Sasha and has faith that she and Anne will be able to patch things up. There were moments where Marcy felt that it would be beneficial if Sasha were present, due to how Sasha was always the one who came up with plans. As for Sasha, she was aiding the Toads in their plot to invade Newtopia, and in the process learning that King Andrias has allied himself with two humans. This gives Sasha the idea to use Marcy and Anne as her and Grime's way into Newtopia, since Marcy has the King's trust and their friendship will make it easy for her to trick her.

The two finally reunite with one another in "The Third Temple" when Sasha follows Marcy, Anne and the Plantars into the temple. Knowing that Anne will still be angry at her and has most likely told Marcy of what she did to her, Sasha clams that she has changed and apologies for her actions, while Marcy is happy to be with Sasha again and wants her and Anne to get along again. Since Marcy's wit helped them in the first temple, Sasha's strength is required to pass the third temple's trials to re-charge of the pink gem. As they are re-charging it, however, Sasha's eyes begin to glow before its pinkish color starts to drain from her eyes, like how Marcy's glowed green in "The First Temple". With the Calamity Box fully charged, Marcy convinces Sasha and the others to not use it until they bring it back to Andrias to ensure that they get sent back to their home world. Sasha's approves of Marcy's subjection as it will aid her and Grime later on. However, Sasha does show regret for using Anne and Marcy as pawns. Before they make their way back to Newtopia, Sasha does want she can to ensure that she doesn't lose Marcy and Annes' trust, while Marcy is just happy for the three of them to finally be back together again. During "Battle of the Bands", she also seemed to go along with Sasha's ideas. She also acted like a buffer or middleman between Sasha and Anne.

Before they head to Newtopia in "True Colors," Marcy has Sasha wear a hood to hide her identity until she is able to convince Andria to pardon her and Grime. This played into their plan well as Sasha and Grime grab the music box and make their true intentions known before it is given to the King. Marcy could only stand in shock as she watches Sasha betray them while staying that she doesn't want to go home, and is helping the Toad in taking over the kingdom. Sasha did give Marcy a chance to either go home or to join her in the take over, but Anne's words has Sasha think that Marcy will side with Anne instead, due to the how Marcy and Anne have been spending time together and making their own choices without her; as Sasha feels that she should always be in control. Even though Marcy did try to get Sasha, Anne and the others to stop work things out peacefully, Sasha's upset feelings and her fight with Anne has her not listening to Marcy. While Marcy is helping to stop the Toad invasion, Sasha learns that Marcy's friend King Andrias isn't who he appears to be, but her actions is preventing anyone from listening to her warning on what she and Grime discovered. After the King reveals his true attentions, Marcy tries to reason with him and her words get Sasha and Anne to wonder on what she means. This has Marcy exampling that King Andrias promised to send the girls on many adventures as they want after they give him the box, revealing that Marcy also didn't want to go home like she and Sasha have claimed to Anne. The truth telling of Marcy's held back secrets didn't stop there, as the King reveals that Marcy is responsible for the three being transported to Amphibia in the first place. Sasha feels betrayed by this action and moves her bounded hands away from Marcy's hand as she tries to explain that she didn't want to be alone by ensuring that the three of them remain together. During the first part of Sasha's battle with Andrias and his robot army beside Anne, Grime and the Plantars, Marcy could only watch the fight before she could bring herself to join in. To make amends for what she did, Marcy opens the Calamity Box to send her friends home, but was only able to send Anne and the Plantars to Earth as Sasha took it upon herself to hold the King back. After King Andrias knouts Sasha to the ground with Grime, he stabs Marcy through the chest with a flaming sword. As for the portal that Marcy was able to open, it closes after she drops the box, leaving her and Sasha to remain trapped in Amphibia.

A little after the airing of "True Colors," Disney TVA the title sequence for the next season. In this sequence, Marcy can be seen in what appears to be a test tube that is guarded by Andrias. As for Sasha, her brief seen in the sequence subjects that she and Grime have managed to escape Andrias grasp. Because Sasha wasn't seen talking to Marcy after she and Anne learned the truth, it is unknown if Sasha still considers Marcy as a friend or if her anger kept her from being sad when Marcy got gravely hurt by Andrias.

In "Turning Point", Sasha's perspective on the events of "True Colors" are briefly shown. After Marcy is stabbed, she distraughtly reaches out her hand and screams her name. Sasha watches Andrias order Olivia and Yunnan to put Marcy in a rejuvenation tank. Grime tells her that there's nothing they can do for Marcy, and they flee once being cornered by Andrias's robots. Sasha looks back, asking Anne and Marcy to please be okay.

During a flashback in "The Beginning of the End," Anne, Marcy, and Sasha are watching Marcy's favorite movie at a sleepover. Marcy excitedly rambles about the movie, though Sasha says that she's revealing spoilers. Marcy apologizes, though Sasha replies that she doesn't actually care, making her pause. Marcy is excited that her favorite part is happening, though Sasha and Anne are already asleep. Marcy covers them with a blanket and watches the rest of the movie by herself.

On the way to battle Andrias, Sasha talks about Marcy with Anne. She states that while he understands why Marcy got them sent to Amphibia, it was still messed up. Anne replies that perhaps Marcy was driven to do it because they both weren't good friends to her by ignoring her interests and needs. Sasha asks that even if they save Marcy, whether they be able to save their friendship too. In the castle, Sasha continues the conversation, asking if she's supposed to just forgive Marcy for what she's done. Anne replies that forgiveness isn't easy, but it's worth it, pointing out the relationship they have now after Anne has forgiven Sasha for her past actions. Sasha relents, and resolves to save that "lovable little nerd" and make things right with her. In the throne room, Sasha and Anne encounter Darcy, who reveals that Marcy is now part of the Core's collective consciousness. Sasha threatens Darcy to give their friend back or she'll rip off that helmet. Darcy replies that from examining Marcy's memories, it's doubtful they ever were friends. Sasha doesn't respond, having a guilt-ridden expression on her face.


  • In "The Dinner", Marcy can be briefly seen gazing at Sasha across the table.
  • In "Mother of Olms", Sasha and Anne learn of their connection to the Calamity gems, and Sasha excitedly asks if she and Marcy get cool anime powers like Anne does. This implies that Sasha became a fan of anime because of Marcy, who is the nerd of their friend group.
  • After giving their calamity gems to Anne in "The Hardest Thing", Sasha and Marcy cling to each other throughout the rest of the battle.
  • In the time skip of "The Hardest Thing", both girls have a small blush when reuniting.


“You're right, of course you are. Now let's go save that lovable little nerd so we can make things right with her.”
— Sasha after Anne convinces her on forgiving Marcy, "The Beginning of the End.
“So rude. Then again, we're not surprised. Marcy always thought you were kind of a brute.”
— Darcy to Sasha, "All In."
Sasha“I know what you're trying to do, and it won't work.”
Darcy“Aw, don't you wanna know what she really thinks of you?”
Sasha“It doesn't matter what she thinks of me. I'm going to save her and stop you.”
Darcy“Well then... Let's rumble, girlfriend.”
— Darcy and Sasha before fighting, "All In."

Behind the Scenes

  • In an interview, creator Matt Braly stated that Sasha and Marcy have a more direct "business-like" relationship with one another, and are on the same level, which is different from their relationships with Anne.
  • In a Q&A Panel for an Amphibia Exhibition Panel, creator Matt Braly was asked about the details of Sasha and Marcy's relationship. He began to reply before cutting off his answer with, "You should wait," implying that this will be touched upon in future episodes.
    • This was stated before the episode "The Beginning of the End", which revealed details of Sasha and Marcy's dynamic.
  • When someone on Twitter expressed the want for the future book of Marcy's journal to have pages of Marcy gushing over Sasha's armor, Matt Braly replied, "Will do."


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While Sasharcy isn't as popular as Sashanne or Marcanne, due to how little Sasharcy moments were seen in the series, the ship still has a fair share of loyal supporters. Unlike Anne during the first part of the series, Sasha and Marcy have became strong warriors with their own battle garb from their time in Amphibia, that fact is one of the things that draws fans to this ship.

The ship grew in popularity after Season Two, which ended with both girls being left in Amphibia. Before season three came out, some Sasharcy fans had theories that Sasha believes Marcy to be dead and wanted to avenge her, or knows that she is alive and plans to rescue her. As they believe that Sasha hasn't given up on her, despite knowing that Marcy was the one that got her and Anne trapped in Amphibia, she would want to make amends and worthy of Marcy's friendship. A few Sasharcy fans created a Ghost AU that has Marcy's ghost keeping an eye on Sasha and sometimes have Sasha being able to see the ghost of her fallen friend. While resent events in season three have got a few fans to compare the two with Adora and Catra from She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, similar to how they have compared Sasha and Anne with them. Before it was conformed, fans have always suspected that Sasha and Marcy would get their own powers from the stones and are exited for when they get to see the two girls receive them. With the end of "The Hardest Thing" showing Sasha and Marcy be the first ones to reunite ten years later, the ship grew even more popular, with many headcanoning that the two were online dating.



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