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Sayori x MC is the het ship between the protagonist and Sayori from the Doki Doki Literature Club! fandom.


This section is in need of major improvement. Please help improve this article by editing it. The protagonist's relationship with Sayori is one of the more prominently featured throughout the main plot of Doki Doki Literature Club! Even if the player chooses to pursue a relationship with one of the other club members, the protagonist continues to think about her.

At the beginning of Act 1, the protagonist spots a girl running towards him while greeting him, excitedly. He instantly recognizes the girl as his neighbor, Sayori. While initially hesitant, he allows her to catch up with him, and the two walk to school together. Sayori then asks the protagonist if he decided on joining any clubs, to which he replies that they aren't interested in any. This upsets Sayori, who says that he promised her that they would join a club, during a conversation in which he was dismissive to. Sayori then goes on about how much she worries about the protagonist acquiring strong social skills, and how his happiness is important to her. Eventually, she manages to convince the protagonist, who wonders how he even allowed himself to relent to such a carefree girl.

After the school day is over, Sayori meets up with the protagonist in his classroom, and asks him if he could come to her club. The protagonist firmly declines the offer, as he has no interest in literature. But Sayori says that she had already told everyone that she would bring a new member, and once again, she manages to persuade him.

Once the two arrive at the clubroom, Sayori introduces the protagonist to the other members, whom all greet him. One of the members, a girl named Yuri, mentions that Sayori is always saying nice things about him. After the club meeting is over, the protagonist tells the girls that he still isn't certain about joining the club, but this invokes some sad reactions from each of them, and he isn't able to turn them down. He eventually decides to officially join the club, prompting Sayori to wrap her arms around him while jumping up and down in pure joy. While the others clean up, Sayori asks the protagonist if they would like to walk home together, and he accepts the offer, delighting her.

If the protagonist chooses to write for Sayori, in the second day the main character to fall asleep, to then be woken up by Sayori. The protagonist will comment that she takes better care of him than she does for herself and points out some flaws in Sayori's appearance, which leads to a CG of the main character buttoning up her blazer.

When sharing the protagonist's poem with Sayori, she states that she likes it a lot and when the protagonist reads her poem, he mocks her for writing hers on the day itself.

When Natsuki tells the protagonist that they better take the club seriously, Sayori says that he always gives it his best when he's having fun, and brings up how he would sometimes help her with cooking, and cleans her room without asking. Yuri then comments that the protagonist and Sayori seem like really good friends, and even remarks that she's a little jealous. While overhearing a conversation between Sayori and Monika, the protagonist smiles at Sayori being her usual self, and thinks about how much he admires her for being able to put her mind to things and make them come to life, in contrast to himself.

After sharing the protagonist's poem with all four girls, the protagonist notices Yuri and Natsuki in the process of sharing theirs. Natsuki remarks that Yuri's poem is "fancy," to which Yuri responds by saying hers is "cute," offending Natsuki. The two then argue about their writing styles, eventually leading to Natsuki accusing Yuri of trying to impress the protagonist. Insulted, Yuri tells Natsuki that she is just jealous, but Natsuki only responds by telling Yuri to stop being full of herself. The argument eventually evolves into a full-fledged fight, with Yuri mocking Natsuki for being cute and Natsuki accusing Yuri of padding her bra. The protagonist then has to decide how to respond. Whoever he picks also gets 5 extra points for the next poem game, helping the player to grow closer to that girl. If the protagonist instead asks Sayori for help, she will go on to praise both girls for their writing styles, but also accidentally cause more awkwardness, making both Yuri and Natsuki very embarrassed. The protagonist then praises Sayori for helping out in front of Monika.

On day three, Sayori asks the protagonist to help her find supplies for the posters that she and Monika plan to make for the festival. She explains what is planned for the event as they search for an empty classroom, and demonstrates her version of a poetry performance. When they find a room, Sayori immediately finds a box of crayons, then drops one. While she bends over to pick it up, she smacks her head on the shelf. The protagonist suggests that he find something cold to put on her head, which rewards the player with a CG of Sayori holding a bottle of apple juice against her head. Sayori then comments on how she misses the times she and the protagonist grew up together.

When sharing poems, Sayori remarks that she is once again impressed and that she loves reading them every day. The protagonist then admits that he writes his poems better when he keeps thinking of Sayori, which causes her to react in shock.

On day four, when the protagonist enters the clubroom, he notices Sayori sitting at a desk and staring blankly. When he asks her what's wrong, Sayori hurriedly dismisses him, causing him to become worried. He first asks Monika about her, but Monika says that she does not notice anything off with her, but she goes over to talk to her.

When sharing poems on day four, if the player writes a poem for Yuri or Natsuki, Sayori will seem upset and comment how the protagonist probably wrote the poem for Yuri/Natsuki. However, if the player chooses to write a poem for Sayori, she will state that it is the protagonist's best poem so far, but the protagonist again asks her what is wrong, only for Sayori to start tearing up and asking the protagonist why he chose not to befriend the other girls. The protagonist claims that he and Sayori have a wavelength, but Sayori only gets sadder, saying how it would be easier on her if the protagonist instead talked to the other girls. When the protagonist gets worried, Sayori quickly dismisses the conversation, forces a smile, and heads home.

Before the protagonist goes to hang out with either Natsuki or Yuri, he decides to check on Sayori first. Sayori then reveals to the protagonist that she has had bad depression her whole life. The protagonist is taken aback and tries to help Sayori by hugging her and offering to spend the whole day of the festival with her. After that, he suggests skipping his "date" with Yuri or Natsuki, but Sayori tells him not to.

After a CG is unlocked with whoever the player chooses to help with festival preparations, Yuri/Natsuki and the protagonist have a romantic moment, but Sayori interrupts them. After Sayori interrupts Yuri or Natsuki, they become flustered and hurry home. Sayori then starts crying, admitting that she is not happy that the protagonist is spending more time with Yuri or Natsuki instead of her. Sayori then confesses her true feelings to the protagonist.

If the protagonist rejects her confession, Sayori becomes heartbroken and despite trying to accept that things are back to the way they were, is unable to control her emotions and screams out loud in pure agony. Before the protagonist can do anything, she runs off.

However, if the protagonist accepts her confession, the player is rewarded with a CG of Sayori and the protagonist hugging. The protagonist reassures Sayori that he will be with her to help her through her hardships. Sayori hesitantly accepts this and goes home.

On the day of the festival, the protagonist enters the clubroom, and Monika is alone. Monika reveals that she is fully aware of the events on Sunday. The protagonist initially waits for Sayori, but then reads a disturbing poem consisting of "get out of my head" repeated multiple times. The protagonist returns to Sayori's house to try and wake her up. After "gently opening the door", he finds Sayori having killed herself by hanging, and the screen starts glitching out. The protagonist is horrified and regrets not choosing the other option when Sayori confessed to him. After the protagonist grieves the loss of his best friend, the game restarts with a distorted version of Natsuki, Yuri, and Monika in Sayori's place in the title screen, with Sayori's character file now missing from the folder on the player's computer.


“Uh-Huh! I was talking about how I'm worried that you won't learn how to socialize or have any skills before college. Your happiness is really important to me, you know! And I know you're happy now, but I'd die at the thought of you becoming a NEET in a few years because you're not used to the real world! You trust me, right? Don't make me keep worrying about you...”
— Sayori expressing concern for the protagonist's happiness and well-being.
“Alright, alright... I'll look at a few clubs if it makes you happy. No promises, though.”
— The protagonist telling Sayori that they'll join a club to make her happy.
“Why do I let myself get lectured by such a carefree girl? More than that, I'm surprised I even let myself relent to her. I guess seeing her worry so much about me makes me want to ease her mind at least a little bit-even if she does exaggerate everything inside of her head.”
— The protagonist.
“Yesss! I'm so happyyy~”
— Sayori overjoyed when the protagonist says they'll join the Literature Club.
“Don't worry, guys~ [Name] always gives it his best as long as he's having fun. He helps me with busywork without me even asking. Like cooking, cleaning my room...”
— Sayori complementing the protagonist for his dependability.
“I find myself smiling. In the end, Sayori is still her usual self. But therein lies the unexpected reason I admire her. Unlike me, who has trouble finding any motivation at all... Sayori can put her mind to things and make them come to life. I suppose that's why I end up letting her get on my case about things. I can't help but wonder what it would be like to see the world through her eyes...”
— The protagonist.


Among the four girls in the Literature Club, Sayori is perhaps the most popular shipping choice for the protagonist. This is largely due to their established childhood friendship, which is further explored throughout Sayori's route, should the player choose to pursue it. Some players were also drawn by Sayori's bubbly and energetic personality, which some believe makes her the most approachable love interest. In contrast to Natsuki's aggression, and Yuri's condescension.



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  • The protagonist's largest visual appearances is shown during a cutscene near the end of Act 1, when Sayori hugs him.
  • Sayori is one of two characters in the game to confess their love to the protagonist, the other being Yuri.
    • Both commit suicide afterwards, regardless if the player chooses for the protagonist to return their feelings or not.




  • Literature Club refers to the ship between the two, Monika (DDLC), Natsuki, and Yuri (DDLC)


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