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Sayuri is the femslash ship between Sayori and Yuri from the Doki Doki Literature Club! fandom.


In-game, Yuri and Sayori have amongst the fewest interactions within the club, presumably due to heavier plot importance between Yuri and Natsuki, and Sayori and Monika simultaneously. Despite this, it was made clear that this does not stop the girls from having bonded, even with their differing personalities.

In Act 1, Sayori introduces MC to Yuri by calling her “the smartest in the club”, which causes Yuri to fluster and hide her face. Stuttering, Yuri says not to say things like that (presumably because compliments embarrass her, but this is not explicitly stated).  Seeing this, MC notes that Yuri, timid and mature as she is, appears to have difficulty keeping up with energetic people like Sayori (and Natsuki). The next day; If you choose to write your first poem for Yuri, Sayori comments that it is very well-written for a ‘newbie’, and that it impressed her. On the other hand, if you choose to write your first poem for Sayori, Yuri comments that the writing is obvious to be that of a new-comer.

Yuri sees how close Sayori and MC are, and comments on this, feeling a little jealous. Sayori tells her that MC and her (Yuri) can become close friends too, which embarasses Yuri and causes her to fluster, given the weird situation. Despite Yuri’s body language, Sayori remains oblivious to how awkward the situation is. Later, when Natsuki and Yuri’s fight becomes too sour to handle, Sayori butts in, and tells the girls to stop, because they’re both so amazing/talented. She says that Yuri’s boobs are ‘big and beautiful’ as they’ve always been, and hadn't grown, nor for the reason Natsuki had implied.

Sayori attempts to trick MC into buying her a snack from the school vending machine, but her plan is quickly debauched by MC’s knowledge of her schemes. Yuri overhears Sayori as she complains about not being able to have a snack, now that she’d been found out, and says that Sayori deserved this for having lied, albeit more eloquently. She then catches herself, and apologizes for being bold. Sayori assures her that her ‘outburst’, if it could even be called that, was fine, and that she (Sayori) rather enjoyed that bold side of Yuri, and found it rather fun when she acted as such. Not long afterwards, Sayori is hit in the face by a cookie. Sayori voices that this sudden appearance of a snack was because she paid her restitution by apologizing to MC.. Yuri corrects her on her word usage (restitution),  but adds that the word Sayori chose was almost right.


Similarly to Natsuri, Sayuri gained fans due to the shy girl/loud girl, opposites attract trope it portrays, although without Natsuki’s ‘tsun’, although to a considerably lesser extent given the spare interactions shown in-game. Sayori has been shown to be patient with Yuri’s timidity, and tries to help her feel comfortable, although her oblivious behavior can sometimes put Yuri in a situation she finds undesirable, or even uncomfortable, as shown on few occasions, This turns some away from the idea of the pairing, although Sayori evidently means no harm by what she does- she intends to help Yuri break out of her shell, as much as she can, at least.

Sayuri is most commonly shipped alongside CHARACTER/MC pairings (ex. Sayori x MC), or Yurika (in the case of Yurika, to pair all four girls off, most often). This is a theme present in most fanworks of the ship, from fanart to fanfiction.



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  • Yuri and Sayori's cutscene from 'Understanding' was used as the face of the marketing of the sidestories of DDLC Plus.


Doki Doki Squad refers to the ship between the two, Monika, and Natsuki
Literature Club refers to the ship between the two, Protagonist, Monika and Natsuki
MCSayoYuri refers to the ship between the two and Protagonist
SayoMoniYuri refers to the ship between the two and Monika
SayoSukiYuri refers to the ship between the two and Natsuki


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