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Scarabedo is the slash ship between Scaramouche and Albedo from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Albedo and Scaramouche have not interacted nor met, although the former painted the latter for the Irodori Festival based on description. One thing about them is that they are two artificially created lifeforms who were made in the image of "perfection". Albedo was created by Rhinedottir, and Scaramouche was created by Raiden Ei. The both of them have been left by their creators. And lastly, they're both studying about the truth of the world. While Scaramouch highly resents Raiden Ei for casting him off after his creation, Albedo is mostly unbothered, as he thought it was a trivial matter that didn't need much processing on his part.

Despite being created in similar way, their personalities differ, while still having their similarities. As they were both cast off by their creators, Albedo had found comfort and peace within the City of Mondstadt, often being found doing research at his preferred part of the area, Dragonspine. Albedo had once found human interaction a waste and not needed, but because of the Traveler, he found himself enjoying the communication found within Mondstadt, though still being quite quiet and reclused. Scaramouche, however did not get a welcoming home to ease him of his past, though his backstory is still in the shadows; it is established by Yae Miko, Scaramouche had once been a normal being, wondering the world, when the Fatui took an interest in him, a rather dark outcome compared to Albedo. While having rather different results due to their past, Albedo and Scaramouche's personalities are not far off. As seen in many of Albedo's appearance's he often prefers to stay quiet, while still engaging in conversation. Albedo's reclusiveness is shown in his often stationary at Dragonspine, most likely favoring the quietness of it's boundaries. Albedo is also very inquisitive as his status as Chief Alchemist of the Knights of Favonius, grants him the ability to construct many different experiments; as shown in his Character Teaser, Albedo get's overly excited with concepts that pique is interest, as stated by Sucrose. His curiosity had also led him to the ending of his painting which he was planning to preform an art that would transform his paintings into reality. Scaramouche is also quite similar to Albedo, with his facade present, Scaramouche met Mona, Fischl, Paimon, and the Traveler in the Unreconciled Stars event with a friendly tone, being quite collected and calm, similar to Albedo, though this fake persona is quickly replaced by his true nature of being manipulative and demanding, from what we have seen to far, it seems as though Scaramouche also prefers to avoid human interaction, as he seemingly finds it tedious. Scaramouche also has a very inquisitive personality, as when the meteorites became present once again, he found himself constantly questioning what was the cause of them and why were they there. Despite seeming quite different, Scaramouche and Albedo have very similar backstories and personalities.


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Scarabedo is a small ship and a rarepair within the Genshin Impact fandom. It is often overshadowed and rivaled against ScaraMona, ChiScara, Kaebedo and Albether. Despite not being very popular, it has lots of fan art for a rarepair. Unlike ships like KazuScara where the two characters haven't met but have contrasting personalities, Scarabedo is shipped more because the two characters aren't that different from each other. Scarabedo currently has 49+ works on AO3.

Many fans believe that in alternate reality where Scaramouche is given the same care as Albedo, they could become good friends. Many fans also like the idea that on the outside they seem quite different, on the inside they are very similar beings, with much different outcomes on their pasts. The two characters also have big parts of their characters' that they are highly known for, for Scaramouche it is is hat, the fanbase has highly joked about the size of it. For Albedo, it's elemental skill, which constructs an elevator that lifts the character that stands on it to a certain high, the fanbase jokes about how random it is for it to be elevator and is one of Albedo's greatest uses as a character.



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