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Scarian is the friendship between GoodTimesWithScar and Grian from the YouTube fandom.


Scar and Grian are Minecraft YouTubers that are or were in the Hermitcraft, 3rd Life and Last Life servers.


Season 6

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Season 7

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Season 8

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The two are both part of the Boatem Crew along with PearlescentMoon, ImpulseSV and Mumbo Jumbo.

In Grian's Episode 17 and Scar's Episode 15, Grian pretends to be AFK in front of his fellow hermits to see what they would do. Grian sits in a boat outside Scar's front door, planning for Scar to be able to steer the boat and take Grian on an adventure. Scar tries to do that after finding Grian, but it fails as Grian is in the front seat. Scar puts Grian into a minecart and makes a plan to build a railway to world height and get Grian on top of the Boatem Pole. Scar takes very long to set things up, determined Grian won't come back, and ends up dying many times while testing his plan. Scar eventually finishes and rides with Grian.

Instead of getting on top of the Boatem Pole, Scar and Grian fall into the Boatem Hole and die. Before hitting the ground, Grian unmutes and startles Scar at the last second by asking him what he's doing at. Grian helps Scar get the remains of his stuff afterward. Though Scar does not find his sword. He later does find his sword, but falls into the Boatem Hole right afterward and does not have any rockets to fly out. Grian goes into the Boatem Hole too, with only five rockets on him. Scar asks Grian for rockets to get out, but Grian instead asks Scar to give him the sword and flies out. Scar dies to the void before Grian can save the sword.

After grieving the loss of his sword for a bit, Scar asks Grian if he enjoyed the ride. Grian laughs and admits he loved every second of it. Scar says that he loved it until the point where he lost everything. Grian gives Scar a Did You Die Box for free, even offering to rename the sword. Grian says that Scar could have left him alone but he didn't and that was what he loved about Scar. Scar thanks Grian for the Did You Die Box.

3rd Life

In the first session, Grian caused the first death of the server by leading a creeper towards Scar, killing him. This made Grian be indebted to Scar until he lost his own first life. The two settled down in their base in the dessert, Monopoly Mountain. Together, Scar and Grian attempted to start a monopoly on dark oak wood, but failed as others had already gotten their hands on dark oak wood. They then tried to start a monopoly on sand.

Grian was with Scar when Scar lost his second life in the third session. Scar fell in a ravine while singing to Grian about science.

Despite easily losing his previous two lives, Scar was the second to last person to die on the 3rd Life server. The two fought each other while they were the last two people alive. While fighting, they repeatedly apologized to each other. Scar was the loser of the battle. After killing Scar, Grian admitted to not feeling good about it. Being left the last person on the server, Grian jumped off of a cliff and killed himself, ending the server.

Last Life

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Scar received six lives while Grian only received two. The two meet up and agree that everything that happened last season didn't count and couldn't be used as leverage. Scar was tricked into giving one of his lives to Grian. Though Grian lost it in the same session. Grian makes a deal that if Scar managed to get less lives than him, he would give the life back.


The friendship gained a positive reaction from its fandom. Though the friendship existed before the 3rd Life server was created, it became increasingly popular after their alliance on the server formed. Fans liked how Grian helped Scar and continued to help him even after losing his first life. There are those who ship Scar and Grian as a slash ship, though that can be seen as problematic since they are both real people and Grian is married. The ship names "Sand Duo" and "Desert Duo" come from the fact that they got involved with sand and the desert a lot on the 3rd Life server. Though, "Sand Duo" can be mixed up with the duo between Ph1lzA and Wilbur Soot.



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  • Both own cats in real life.



Boatem Crew refers to the ship between the two, PearlescentMoon, ImpulseSV and Mumbo Jumbo


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