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Scogan is the slash ship between Scott Summers and James "Logan" Howlett from the Marvel and X-Men fandoms.


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After Xavier informs Logan of the school and how he got there, Logan calls the whole thing stupid and turns to leave the room. Scott blocks his path, Logan immediately getting annoyed and pushes him. He asks if he wants to get out of his way, but Scott just looks down to the grip on his shirt, before Xavier has his attention again.

Jean is in Logan's room, when Scott stands in front of the door. Jean says goodnight to Logan and walks out. Logan asks if Scott is going to tell him to stay away from his girl, but Scott had to do that, she wouldn't be his. Logan says that he has nothing to worry about then, and Scott says it must annoy Logan that he saved his life. Scott says that he better be careful, since he might not be there next time and to stay away from his girl.

When Xavier says that Logan will be joining the X-Men on a mission, Scott objects believing that Logan will endanger it. Logan says that he's not the one who blew the roof off the train station, but Scott points out that he was the one who stabbed Rogue. Logan is about to tell Scott where he can stick the mission, when Ororo comes in and tells them that Kelly is dead. Xavier then tells the two to settle it while he goes to find Rogue.

As the X-Men walk through the statue of Liberty, Logan smells that someone is there. Scott asks where, but Logan isn't sure, and tells him to keep his eye open. Scott tries to get him to stop, but Logan wanders off on his own. Much to Scott's annoyance. Logan returns and says that he knows someone is here, but he just can't see them. Scott then turns his back and Logan pulls out his claws, only for another Logan to appear and attack the first one. Revealing the other to be Mystique. Scott is about to fire, when both Logan's tell him to wait, only for Mystique to close the door on them.

Logan frees Scott, which Scott thanks him for and Logan tells him not to mention it. He asks if Scott can hit the machine Rogue is trapped in, but Scott might kill her in the process. Logan tells Scott to send him up there, so that if he doesn't make it, Scott can still blast the rings. Scott allows it and has Storm send Logan up to the torch.




  • Scott pulls Logan from the burning car.
  • Scott tries to shake Logan's hand, but he rejects it.
  • Logan momentarily hears Scott's voice in his head.
  • Scott asks who put the adamantium in Logan's body, and what Magneto wants with him.
  • Logan asks if Jean's power is putting up with Scott.
  • Jean has Scott grab a pillow for Logan.
  • Scott jokes about his dislike of Logan.
  • Logan takes Scott's motorcycle.
  • Logan tells Scott that he's sorry.
  • Scott asks if Logan would prefer yellow spandex for their uniform.
  • Logan insults Scott's landing.
  • Scott tells Logan to head to the torch.
  • Soctt judges Logan for destroying the metal detector, then laughs when Logan gives him the middle finger with his claws.
  • When Scott tells Logan to prove who he is, he calls him a dick, which Scott thinks is good enough.
  • Logan frees Scott, and Scott thanks him.
  • Scott stops Erik from controlling Logan.
  • Logan steals Scott's bike again.


Wolverine“I would’ve like throwin’ down with him.”
Cyclops“We don’t have the time Wolverine. Leave him your phone number.”
— Cable & Deadpool #8


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Scogan is a common pairing among X-Men fans. It is commonly seen as the solution to the Sott/Jean/Logan love triangle.

On AO3, Scogan is the most written ship for Logan and the second most written for Scott. It is also the third most written ship in the X-Men (Original Timeline Movies) and the X-Men - All Media Types tags, the fifth most written in the X-Men: The Animated Series, X-Men (Movieverse) and X-Men (Comicverse) tags and the sixth most written in the Wolverine (Movies) tag.



Wolverine/Cyclops tag on AO3


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  • Scogean refers to the ship between Jean Grey, Scott and Logan


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