Scorfuma is the femslash ship between Scorpia and Perfuma from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom.


Once Scorpia defects from the Horde she travels to Bright Moon to seek out the aid of the Princess Alliance to rescue Entrapta from Beast Island. However, upon appearing in the war room unannounced, the princesses believe Scorpia is still their enemy and attack her. Perfuma tries to tell the others that she doesn't thinks Scorpia is there to hurt them but in doing so she surprises Scorpia, who then accidentality stings her with her tail. Scorpia repeatability apologises to Perfuma while being wrapped in her vines, which Perfuma accepts as her then blooms a flower for Scorpia on the vines.

As Scorpia explains that she wants to rescue Entrapta, Perfuma is touched thinking that Scorpia has come to them to learn how to be a better friend. When Scorpia is later put under the guard of Frosta, Perfuma brings her a salad and is shocked to find that Scorpia, having been raised in the Horde her whole life, doesn't know what fruit or vegetables are. Despite Frosta's best efforts to enforce that Scorpia is their prisoner, Perfuma still treats the situation as a sleepover.

When the Heart of Etheria is activated Scorpia rushes to find Frosta and Perfuma again. They are last seen all together with Scorpia holding them both as their connections to the Runestones are used against them.


The ship gained in popularity after the release of Season 4, when Scorpia and Perfuma first truly interacted. As Perfuma and Scorpia tend to be viewed as the most kind-hearted of their factors, shippers were happy to see them finally on the same side. The ship also plays into, what fans believe to be, Perfuma's trend of being drawn to strong women such as She-Ra and Huntara.



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