Scorpiadora is the femslash ship between Adora and Scorpia from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom.


Season 2

"White-Out" - Scorpia ends up taking care of a mind-muddled Adora who is still under the effects of her corrupted sword. While initially annoyed at Adora and Catra's former close bond (and Adora remembering things such as Catra's favorite number), Scorpia protected Adora from infected monsters. Later, a still-loopy Adora gives Scorpia and Sea Hawk an inspirational speech about how they're good friends and good people, and Scorpia gives her a hug.

Season 3

"Remember"- While in the alternate reality created by Catra, Scorpia and Adora are the only two people who remember their previous lives. Adora eventually persuades Scorpia to help her, Scorpia promising to "only dislike her a reasonable amount" if they are able to fix things. The two hold hands while running through the Fright Zone, and end up bickering about how to get past the guards while hiding from them. They hide under a table together when Hordak walks in.

Season 4

Scorpia defects from the Horde and makes her way to Brightmoon Castle. While Adora initially starts to attack her, she stops when Scorpia reveals she is looking for help for Entrapta, who has been imprisoned at Beast Island. Adora immediately wants to head to Beast Island and welcomes Scorpia's offer of help before Scorpia is stopped by Glimmer.


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