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Scottney is the het shipping between Scott and Courtney from the Total Drama fandom.


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The ship sailed as a result of Courtney and Scott's canon relationship. Although it has its shippers and gets some praise, mostly for giving Scott more human traits and adorkable moments which endeared many fans to him after his rather unsympathetic antagonistic role in his first season; it mostly got negative feedback from the fandom.

Its mains flaws are considered to be extremely rushed, mostly due to the thirteen episodes format, with them starting to interact in the fourth one, oficially dating as of the ninth one, and breaking up for good in the eleventh one. As a result, many fans believe that the relationship was forced just to have a canon relationship between a first and second generation contestant. The fact that they kept hooking and breaking up in the span of their last three episodes, and ultimately broke up for good, which for many rendered the whole plot pointless, didn't endear the fans either.

Another common complain is that while Scott was given a good explanation to like Courtney (liking bossy girls, although this doesn't explain why he wasn't attracted to Heather and Jo), the writers forgot to include a reason for Courtney to be attracted to Scott (unless she just likes bad boys), as in the fifth episode she suddenly started caring about him with no explanation, despite disliking him in the previous episode (which was also the first one in which they interacted).

Finally, as a result of combining all of the flaws listed above, the ship in general is considered to be a poor version of Duncney (Courtney and a bad boy) and Aleheather (a romance plot serving as a redemption arc for the antagonists).



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  • Both were the main antagonists of a season.
    • Both placed fourth in the season in which they were antagonists.
    • This is the one of two romantic relationships in the series between two main antagonists, the other being Aleheather.
  • This is the second couple whose members debut in different seasons, with the first being Aleheather.
  • This is the first relationship between a first generation contestant and a second generation contestant.
  • Both have caused the elimination of the same person twice in one season.
    • Courtney had caused both of Owen's eliminations in Total Drama Action.
    • Scott had caused both of Dakota's eliminations in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island.
  • Both have thrown or attempted to throw challenges more than any other contestant.
  • This is the shortest-lived couple thus far, getting together and breaking up within the same episode, apparently lasting just over two hours. Although they arguably got back together in the next episode, it seems that their relationship had ended again as of Sundae Muddy Sundae after Scott discovers her future attempt to betray him. In the end, Courtney and Scott are officially broken up.
  • Both are the only contestants to reach the final five twice, but not the finale.
  • Both were the eleventh contestant eliminated from the first season they competed in.
  • Both were eliminated in a double elimination leading up to the finale of their second season competing.
  • Both were eliminated in the eleventh and twelfth episodes of a season.
  • Both have used their sole vote to eliminate someone in the series.




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