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Seamista is the het ship between Sea Hawk and Mermista from the She-Ra and the Princesses of Power fandom.


Season 1

Sea Hawk and Mermista have a long and fraught relationship before the series starts. Their first on screen interaction is in the episode "The Sea Gate", where Sea Hawk agrees to take Adora, Glimmer and Bow to the kingdom of Salineas to meet with Mermista. Sea Hawk claims they are close friends, however Mermista is much less enthusiastic for their reunion. Despite this, Mermista still gives Sea Hawk a new ship after he burns his old on while fight off the Horde.

The two are seen together again in "Princess Prom" where Mermista is teased for bringing Sea Hawk as her plus one and tries to claims he is only her ride. Sea Hawk remains unfazed by this and continues to sing about Mermista's beauty. They arrive together again in The Battle of Bright Moon with Mermista stopping Sea Hawk from setting fire to his ship again.

Season 2

Sea Hawk is shown to have some insecurities about his relationship with Mermista in the episode "White Out". Having not been invited to hang out with Mermista's friends he ends up escorting Adora, Glimmer and Bow to the north pole region to find First One tech. He strikes up a friendship with Scorpia as they both lament not being taken more seriously by their friends and love-interests.


Season 1

The Sea Gate

  • Mermista mentions that Sea Hawk once burned down their gonadala in the tunnel of love.

Princess Prom

  • Sea Hawk wears a corsage that is the same color as Mermista’s dress.


Seamista is generally a popular ship thanks to its canon nature. It is often sighted as being bisexual solidarity from shipper who see both Mermista and Sea Hawk as bi. It is also associated with Fire and Water tropes due to Mermista's water powers and Sea Hawk constantly setting fire to his ships.



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