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“Careful now. That which lies ahead...does not yet exist. Our world will become a part of day. But I...will not end. Nor will I have you end.”
— Sephiroth to Cloud

Sefikura is the slash between Cloud Strife and Sephiroth in the Final Fantasy fandom.


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When Cloud was fourteen he became enamored with stories about Sephiroth's repetition as one of the best of the best SOLDIERS, which inspires Cloud to leave Nibelhiem in hopes that he too would be able to climb the SOLDIER ranks until he gets to the same level as Sephiroth. As he wants to be just like him. Even though Cloud was able to join the company when he traveled to Midgar, Cloud had failed the application process and was rejected from the SOLDIER program. Despite being disgraced and not wanting to return back to Nibelhiem in shame, Cloud becomes a Shinra MP, basically a grunt. Cloud's low level position had prevented him from working closely with Sephiroth on the field, but he did befriend a First class SOLDIER, Zack Fair, who tells Cloud stories about the times he has spent with Sephiroth, off and on the field.

One day Cloud was picked as one of the two grunts to join Sephiroth and Zack for a assignment in Nibelhiem. Not wanting anyone to know that he had failed to become a SOLDIER, Cloud kept on his helmet throughout their time there. When they got to the gat's of Nibelhiem, Sephiroth asks Cloud how he feels about returning home after being away for so long, before Sephiroth began mutter about how he doesn't remember his home town or his family. As Cloud was tasked to stay outside the Mako reactor with Tifa, Sephiroth's time inside the building had gotten him to realise the secrets of his originals; and continued to look deeper into it at the abandoned Shinra manor in Nibelhiem. Zack had filled Cloud in about how Sephiroth recently learned what his mother Jenova is, before Sephiroth went on a rampage and killed the town's people, including Cloud's mother, as it burnt to the ground. To revenge his mother and home town, Cloud stabs Sephiroth with Zack's sword before he gets impaled by Sephiroth's, but Cloud was still able to over come the pain as he defeats Sephiroth by tossing him into the Lifestream.

With Sephiroth gone, Professor Hojo decided to use both Cloud and Zack in his Jenova reunion theory project, by turning Cloud into a Sephiroth clone through the use of Jenova cells. Even though Cloud was labelled as a failure clone, he was still kept in the basement of the Shinra Manor until Zack helps them to escape. Cloud had suffered Mako poisoning from the experiments done to him, which was later combined with both the trauma of Zack's death and the shame of not making it into SOLDIER, Cloud created a fails persona that is based upon Zack and the stories he told him about Sephiroth. To which has Cloud to truly believe that he is a first class SOLDIER who was once Sephiroth's partner, before his rampage in Nibelhiem, all while having no memory of Zack, his true time in Shinra or what Hojo did to him.

Because Sephiroth was killed by his hand six years ago, Cloud believed him to be dead until he encounters alive Sephiroth in Midgar. As Sephiroth continues his killing spree, Cloud makes it his mission to find and defeat Sephiroth for good, with help from his party. While Sephiroth takes advantage of Cloud's self made memories and the experiment that Hojo preformed on him, as the Jenova cells inside their bodies links them together.


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Some fans view Sefikura as a antagonistic version of Clack, since it is also a well known and arguably the most popular FFVII slash ship, as well as there being a few similarities between the two FFVII slash ships involving Cloud; and the people he met from his time in Shinra.



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  • Their antagonistic relationship is also featured in the Kingdom Hearts and Dissidia Final Fantasy series.
  • Like Cloud, Sephiroth gets added to the Super Smash Bros. series. Cloud is the first Final Fantasy character to be added to the SSB universe, while Sephiroth is the second.
    • A few of Sephiroth's battle actions towards the other SSB characters in his reveal trailer has him recreating battle moments he has had with Cloud, before the two begin to fight each other and after Cloud wins he tells Sephiroth to go back being a memory while Sephiroth states that he'll never be one.


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