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“Hey... you're cute.”
— Seijiro to Gou

SeiGou is the het ship between Seijuro Mikoshiba and Gou Matsuoka from the Free! fandom.


Seijuro is the captain of the Samezuka swim team while Gou is the manager of the Iwatobi Swim Club. The two first met when Gou went to one of their meetups in hopes that her team and theirs could train together.

Gou and Seijiro first meet while Gou is admiring the Samezuka team member's muscles, Seijiro questions what's she's doing before pausing and commenting that she was "cute." Gou tells him and he grabs her hands in excitement, agreeing that her team would train with his.

They meet again at the store. Gou is buying a drink from a vending machine when Seijiro turns a corner and sees her.

Gou is rather clueless about Seijuro's advances/crush and denies that she "seduced" or used her "sex-appeal" to have the Iwatobi Swim Club train with the Samezuka swim team.


  • Seijiro enthusiastically waves at Gou before a swimming competition.


Gou's appreciation for muscles and Seijuro's attraction to Gou works out. Most fanworks involve the two finding something to love past their outer appearances. Some examples of this would be Seijuro admiring how hard Gou works to keep her team together while Gou notices Seijuro's warm-heartedness and overall charisma.

SeiGou have a decent following in the fandom. On AO3, SeiGou is the most written ship for both Seijuro and Gou.

SeiGou is the most popular het Free! ship.



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  • Gou prefers to be called Kou but Seijuro calls her "Gou-kun" which is adding a masculine suffix to her already boyish name, much to her dismay.
  • Seijiro's little brother, Momotarou, also has a crush on Gou.
  • Gou has an appreciation for muscles.


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