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Setsugou is the het ship between Setsuna Tokage and Katsuki Bakugou from the My Hero Academia fandom.


The two do not interact anywhere near often, due to being in separate classes (Katsuki in 1-A, Tokage in 1-B). However, they do meet rather late in the series; Katsuki and Tokage are on opposing teams during the joint training battles, and compete against one another (alongside their teammates) in the fourth set of said training. (Team Katsuki = Hanta, Kyoka, Rikidou; Team Tokage = Kojiro, Togaru, Yosetsu.)

Before the match begins, Neito, albeit in a spiteful manner, states that he was excited to see the match turnout, as Tokage, a student entered in U,A through recommendation (like Shoto and Momo) had been pit against Katsuki, and he firmly believes she would be the one to finally defeat the ever-powerful Katsuki in combat.

Later, at the battle start, Katsuki decides his ideal win strategy is to locate his opponents before they do him, and release a full-powered attack to seal victory. However, he greatly undermined Tokage’s quirk, and general strength, and ended up quickly found, and bombarded by her disembodied parts (Tokage’s quirk is Lizard, she can split her body into a total of 50 controllable pieces). Surprisingly, Katsuki struggles against her more than typically observed, as her split parts were too small for him to accurately target. He does manage to escape her in time to rescue Kyoka from Togaru’s blades, which gives Tokage the realization that she couldn’t defeat Katsuki as easily as she’d previously conceded. After this, she gives a brief rundown to her team about how to take down the others, her plan mains on targeting only Katsuki, as he is the only one with plans, and is the “leader” of his team. Unfortunately for her, as Katsuki had undermined her, she in turn undermined his newfound teamwork with his classmates, and ended up as the last one left of her group. Before Katsuki can deal the finishing blow on her, Tokage yells at him, “Why’d you have to go and change so much..” to which Katsuki replies, “I didn’t change, my goal has always been the same.. to defeat All Might and become the number one hero!”


Due to the two being so separate, SetsuBaku is not particularly popular within the MHA/BNHA fanbase, and is thus listed as a “rare-pair”. However, like all rare-pairs do, it does have a decent following, thanks to the competitive, spitfire personalities of both Tokage and Katsuki, and the determination for victory the two share. Like the majority of 1-B students, with the exceptions of Tetsutetsu and Itsuka, for example, Tokage does not have too large of a shipping community, and thus, lacks rival ships on her part. When it comes to Katsuki, though he has arguably the largest base of fans, and rival ships, the largest ones being BakuDeku and KiriBaku.



Katsuki/Setsuna tag on AO3


  • Their fight was one of Katsuki’s most notable- and defining battles, as it is the one where he proved that he’s finally capable of working alongside others.



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