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Shadally is the het ship between Shadow and Sally from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Pre-Super Genesis Wave

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Shadow and Sally first meet in issue 124. After Sally asks for her parents' blessing into betrothing Sonic, in which they immediately accept, a boom was heard on the outskirts of the kingdom. Sally, Sonic, along with Tails and Bunnie, go out and investigate. Shadow fell to Mobius after his apparent sacrifice. Sonic gets down to the impact and checks on the black hedgehog. At an instant, Shadow punches Sonic out of the impact, while Sally tries to calm him down. Sally stops Sonic from hurting the black hedgehog, telling him he "can resolve [his] misunderstanding with Shadow later".

In the next issue, Shadow sat on a tree branch when Sally gave her speech to other Mobians about the joined Xorda invasion. The black hedgehog aided Sally and the other Freedom Fighters in the defense of Mobius against the new threat. He was also present at Sonic's memorial with much of the major characters after the blue hedgehog's apparent death.

Light Mobius

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In the altered Light Mobius timeline, Shadow took over Mobius. In the next issue, Sally and Shadow are seen sitting in the throne room as Sonic and Knuckles break into it. The echidna escorts the queen out of the room, the latter apparently aware of the other timeline. Sonic and Shadow have their duel, and as the black hedgehog gains the upper hand, Lara-Su seals him. It is revealed that Sally married Shadow to keep Mobius stable and in hopes of "tam[ing] him somewhat".

They do not directly meet 5 years later. After the defeat of Perfect Tikhaos, this alternate timeline Shadow's fate was unknown as Queen Sally and the newly-formed Future Freedom Fighters celebrate their victory.

Post-Super Genesis Wave

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Sally and Shadow can be seen in the 1st variant cover of Sonic Universe #76, but never appear in that same issue.


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Shadally has some popularity, but not as popular as Sonally or Shadamy.

A notable DeviantArtist is SallyRose975, who has been making art of this ship since 2018. She also has a comic series named Under a Spell with 7 parts and counting. Another one is SuilEuquirne89, who has made fan art of the pair, some of them as their altered timeline counterparts.

A ShadowxSally fanclub was set up on mid-2010.



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