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Shadeam is the het ship between Shadow the Hedgehog and Cream the Rabbit from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Shadow and Cream had their first known meeting in Sonic Heroes, although the two were never shown interacting in the game. As Team Rose and Team Dark never encountered in a team battle, the two did not meet until the final battle against Metal Sonic. During that battle, both of their teams along with Team Chaotix fought Metal Madness while Team Sonic prepared to transform into super form.

In Shadow the Hedgehog, Shadow rescued Cream in Cryptic Castle when Amy requested Shadow to find her in the Hero mission. After that, Shadow told both Amy and Cream that if they wanted to stay clear of trouble, they'd better stay away from Eggman. Later, Cream wished Shadow good luck in Expert Mode levels The ARK, Cosmic Fall (alongside Cheese) and The Last Way (alongside every other NPC).

Cream has also appeared with Shadow in some other games. In Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, the two could appear as Sonic's teammates, although any interactions between the two were optional. In Sonic Free Riders, their teams (Team Rose for Cream and Team Dark for Shadow) were rivals, and potentially competed in the final round. In Sonic Generations, both appeared cheering the Sonics on in their battle against the Time Eater, and later attended Sonic's birthday party.


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Shadeam is a least preferred Sonic ship, though some fans like it. Shadeam often involves an older version of Cream while Shadow remains ageless.



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