Shadie is the non-binary ship between Sadie Miller and Shep from the Steven Universe fandom.


The couple first makes an appearance in “Little Graduation“, where it is revealed that Shep and Sadie first started dating each other two months prior to the episode, and the two first initially met while Sadie was touring with The Suspects. Sadie appears to admire Shep, admitting to Lars that “they’re so cool” and that she can’t believe that they’ve been dating for a while now.

Later in the episode, they are seen spending time together during the Off Colors’ graduation party and later perform a song together for the event. It is revealed by Jenny that their band, Sadie Killer and the Suspects have broken up, and now Sadie and Shep have formed their own band together. They have plans to start their tour together shortly after the graduation party.

Steven is surprised to hear that Sadie is dating somebody besides Lars and is upset for him. Sadie later tells Steven that she wants to do a performance with Shep instead of their band that is breaking up. This causes Steven to accidentally create a pink forcefield that traps everybody inside. Steven tried to force Lars and Sadie back together but they reveal that they already talked things out and Shep helps calm Steven down. He finally admits that they are a good couple and Shep feels no ill will towards Steven for attempting to break them up.

Shep and Sadie had already performed together and recorded their music. They happily offer Steven a tape of their music. They later begin their tour which Greg reveals is going well because the tour is being extended. When Steven leaves Beach City in order to travel around the country, plans to attend Shep and Sadie's concert in Charm City.


The ship seems to be well-received by the fandom, as many enjoy the diversity and representation of the ship. However, a handful of of others believe the ship came out of nowhere and/or it isn’t developed enough. Usually, it is the Larsadie shippers that feel this way, believing that Lars and Sadie had better relationship development than what we have seen from Shep and Sadie.


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  • This is the first canon non-binary couple in Steven Universe to include an actual non-binary human instead of a gem.


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