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Shadpio is the slash ship between Shadow the Hedgehog and Espio the Chameleon from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Shadow and Espio first met in Sonic Heroes, started out on unfriendly terms as their teams fought each other. However, they later teamed up to defeat Metal Sonic.

They were allies in Shadow the Hedgehog if Shadow got to Mad Matrix. In that level, Shadow had the option to help Espio access the four terminals. Afterwards, no matter which mission Shadow did, Espio and Shadow fought Egg Breaker. In the Last Story, Espio, along with Vector and Charmy, hacked into the ARK's computer in order to activate a message that revealed the truth about Shadow.

They met again in some later games. In Sonic Rivals 2, the two were rivals. In Sonic Generations, they cheered the Sonics on and later attended his birthday party, although no interactions are shown between the two. Shadow and Espio were also among the ones fighting Infinite in Sonic Forces.


Espio and Shadow are sometimes shipped, although the pairing is not as popular as many other Shadow pairings such as Shadouge and Shadamy. When compared to slash ships, it is less popular than Sonadow, Shadilver or Espilver. It has some fanart on DeviantArt, although not extremely common.

On AO3, a tag for the pairing exists, but only has one fanwork, making it an uncommon pairing. However, no Espio ship is very popular on the website.

One reason for shipping the two may be their similar personalities, as both Shadow and Espio are generally quiet and serious.



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