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“You saved me… you know that, don’t you? Thank you.”
— Jake to Sherry, Resident Evil 6.

Shake is the het ship between Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin from the Resident Evil fandom.


Resident Evil 6

Edonia, 2012

Jake and Sherry’s first meeting.

In December 2012, Jake is hired to help take care of the intruding B.S.A.A. (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance). A woman in a blue dress visits the soldiers and provides them with a supply of syringes and injectors that are full of the C-Virus, though telling them it was a form of energy booster to increase and improve their performance. Jake sits by himself and injects himself. He feels no effect, telling one of his mutated comrades as he burst through the door suspiciously. Before then, Sherry had received orders to locate Jake and bring him back to the United States in order for blood samples to be taken for vaccine research. Jake and Sherry first meet when Sherry confirms that he’s got the antibodies. She opens a garbage chute for the both of them to escape through as Jake’s infected comrades run at them. Jake goes first, with Sherry close behind him. At the bottom, Sherry attempts to show her National Security badge, which Jake waves off as a “good for you, but now’s really not the time”. Making his getaway, Jake asks Sherry if she’s coming with him. The two make for an exit where Sherry informs Jake of the B.O.Ws— the “J’avo”.

Sherry informs Jake of the antibodies within his blood for the C-Virus.

They find a relativity safe spot to break at where Jake tells her his deals for hire. Sherry informs him that she’s not there to hire him, but rather needs his blood to create vaccines for the C-Virus. After a long pause, Jake changes his offer to 50 million dollars for one pint of his blood, non-negotiable. Leaving the building, they notice J’avo outside, realizing they’ll have to “shoot” their away out of the country. Not long after they’re confronted by the Ustanak, a large B.O.W used in primarily for finding Jake. They manage to run from it, only to be found again inside a worn-down warehouse. Throughout the fight, Sherry tells the Ustanak that it’s “not taking Jake”. With the Ustanak down, Jake and Sherry fall through a weaken part of the floor, landing on a lower level. Sherry makes a comment that “this mission gets harder by the minute, but at least [Jake’s] still safe”. Jake huffs at this, and devolves into a story of how three years prior, while in South America, he was nearly killed by a man with a knife, saying how dying for money was one thing, as it was his choice, though dying for “no good reason” was another. Sherry tells him of the Ustanak and Neo-Umbrella being after him, and follows up with that she won’t “let anything happen to [Jake]”.

Sherry clutches Jake as they fall.

Jake and Sherry arrive to an opening where they’re met with the B.S.A.A, meeting Captain Chris Redfield. Sherry flashes her National Security, showing him and his team that she’s no threat. Piers Nivans, Chris’ partner/teammate, takes notice of Jake hanging behind Sherry, realizing he’s a “wanted insurgent”. Sherry is quick to defend Jake, telling Chris and Piers that Jake is “no threat to the B.S.A.A”. Right then, they’re attacked by a massive B.O.W, forcing everyone to work together. With the beast down, Jake and Sherry aboard a waiting Echo team helicopter. While there, Sherry calls her boss, Derek C. Simmons, informing him of Jake wanting 50 million dollars for his blood. Upon hanging up, Jake asks “if we got a deal,” which Sherry informs yes, they do. After minute, the helicopter is attacked by the Ustanak, having located Jake again. After a short battle, the helicopter they’re in falls and Jake grabs a parachute, then pulling Sherry with him. Holding each other, Jake opens the chute. The propeller of the helicopter comes down, slicing through the chute, sending them down fast.

Jake pulls out the broken embedded helicopter propeller from Sherry’s back, per Sherry’s request.

Jake wakes on the snowy ground with Sherry face-down on his chest. As his hand lay across her back, he realizes she’s bleeding heavily. He panics and throws her off of him and sees she’s got part of the propeller sticking out of her torso. Sherry struggles for breath while Jake looks down, asking himself, “What do I do?” Sherry tells him to pull it out and Jake is quick to tell her no, that she’ll bleed to death should he. Sherry weakly begs and Jake gives in and carefully pulls the embedded piece of metal out. Upon the propeller being removed, Sherry groans in pain for a minute as the wound heals up. Jake sits there stunned, asking what just happened. Sherry merely tells him it’s a “long story”. Not long after, Sherry realizes the data chips of Jake are missing, after fallen. Knowing they need them, they must search a snowstorm for them. Jake tells her, “Well come on Supergirl, let’s get lookin’.”

Jake and Sherry awkwardly wait around.

Having successfully located all three data chips, Jake and Sherry find a cabin to wait out the storm in. After a period of time, a near awkward silence has befallen. After Sherry paces the room for a final time, she quickly proclaims that “she’ll go get help” as “it can’t be that much further to the rendezvous”. She makes for the cabin door where she’s met by Jake yelling at her to wait. The snowstorm raging outside slams the door open and Jake struggles to push it closed. Jake and Sherry stare at each other as Jake is still holding onto her by her waist. Sherry leaves for the other side of the room as Jake turns to look outside through the window.

Jake jumps on Sherry, shielding her from the bullets raining through the cabin.

A little later, Jake leaves his place at the window to find Sherry sitting down on the floor. Jake sits beside her, asking her if she’s “always been like that,” referring to her healing factor. Sherry devolves into her story, explaining how her father used to be a scientist and that the G-Virus had adapted and changed, saying how she “got something out of it”. Jake jokes that she got “super powers,” to which Sherry is quick to tell him of Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield, as they became her closest friends having rescued/protected her when she was 12 years-old during the Raccoon City indecent. Jake and Sherry have a moment where the two realize they share a bond, as each of them carries a unique burden, setting them apart from normal people, and it brings the two of them closer together. Seconds later Jake throws her to the ground, shielding her body with his own as bullets penetrate the cabin’s walls.

Sherry is hit by the Ustanak before Jake can do anything about it.

More J’avo working for Neo-Umbrella attack, forcing Jake and Sherry to leave on snowmobiles, attempting to also evade an avalanche. Closing in a ledge, they jump from their vehicles, landing in a mineshaft. With fallen rocks and ice blocking their path, they descend deeper into the mines. They come across the Ustanak again, working together to evade the B.O.W, before using a mining vehicle to drill it into the mountain. Jake and Sherry run for the exit where Sherry can see the rendezvous in the distance. Upon exiting, they’re attacked by more J’avo forcing them to engage in another shoot out. The Ustanak emerges from the shadows and hits Sherry, sending her down with hard thud. It goes for Jake next, hitting him too. As Jake lay there in pain, he looks over to Sherry’s unconscious form, whispering to himself, “Come on, Supergirl…”

The mysterious woman that had distributed the C-Virus to Jake’s mercenary group suddenly appears before their eyes. She tells Jake about Albert Wesker, a man who had nearly destroyed the world and, according to her, is also Jake’s father. Following the chase through the snow-covered mountains of Edonia, Jake and Sherry are abducted by Neo-Umbrella and taken to a facility in China. Here, they are subjected to test after test, day in and day out.

Lanshiang, 2013

Jake and Sherry getting dressed.

Six months later, in June 2013, Jake finds an opportunity to escape. Once eluding his captors and managing to shut down the facility’s power before making a run for it. Noticing the power-outage, Sherry also seizes the opportunity to escape from her room. The two finally reunite in a locker room where upon seeing Sherry, Jake immediately turns away seeing her in a fairly revealing patient outfit. Sherry quickly covers herself up and hides behind an open locker door. Jake finds clothes in a locker next to hers, where he stares at her bare back has she starts to undress herself. The quite moment is over as Jake is frustrated over his father, Albert Wesker, whom his captors spoke of frequently. Jake feels cheated by life, having been cursed with his father’s blood. Sherry admonishes Jake’s sulking, arguing that how he lives is not up to his father’s legacy, but up to him. To this, Jake has no reply as Sherry coldly hits her shoulder to his as she walks past him.

Jake and Sherry making a daring escape.

Jake and Sherry make their way for the communications room where Sherry is able to contact with her superiors, surprised to learn that they’re already in China. Just as they’re about to exit through the front doors, a tank comes plowing in with more J’avo in coming. As they run away, the tank breaks through the outer wall of the facility. Jake is able to manipulate the tank operator into moving a large statue for him to jump a cross for a motorcycle where he and Sherry make another daring escape.

Sherry clinging to Jake as he drives a motorcycle.

Sherry is contacted by her supervisor, giving her the rendezvous coordinates. As she hangs up, more J’avo chase them on motorcycles and helicopter. Navigating through the city, Sherry is thrown off of her and Jake’s motorcycle, getting tossed to the attacking helicopter. Sherry struggles to hang on as Jake races back for her. Sherry loses her grip and falls onto Jake before racing off again. Continuing in their escape, Jake and Sherry come up to an auto carrier that the helicopter shoots in the hopes of using the cars to crash the two. Jake thinks fast, using a downed ramp to launch him and Sherry over the helicopter. The two land heavy, falling off of the motorcycle as it skids and crashes. Slowly coming to stand up, Jake lends Sherry a hand, helping her up.

Jake and Sherry preparing for a fight.

The helicopter finds them again, with more J’avo on foot coming at them. Chris Redfield, Piers Nivans and the rest of their team are nearby, believing the helicopter to be after them. Once surviving their on foot attackers, the biggest threat to them is the helicopter. Noticing Chris attempting to down the helicopter, Jake has the idea of climbing up rope that is dangling from the helicopter. Seeing Jake try this, Sherry screams, “Jake! No! You’ll be killed!” Knowing the helicopter must be taken down, Jake takes the risk of shooting the J’avo pilot himself. With the helicopter down, Jake and Sherry are left looking up at Chris and his team. Sherry reminds him that her orders are for him and her to “avoid contact with anyone,” leading to them leaving without a word.

Jake tackling Sherry down to safety.

Navigating through the city, Jake and Sherry fight off hoards of J’avo, including the Ubistvo, a chainsaw wielding B.O.W. They watch overhead as an American plane crash lands not too far from their location. Arriving to the downed plane, Sherry immediately recognizes her close friend, Leon Kennedy, along with Leon’s companion, Helena Harper. The two are stunned to see each other and asks what the other is doing there. Sherry informs him that she’s on protective detail, looking out for Jake. Leon and Jake share a look as Leon comments that he had heard she had become an agent. Sherry then asks why he’s there; Leon saying he and Helena are tracking Chief Security Advisor Simmons. Sherry thinks there must be a mistake because Simmons is her supervisor. Leon asks where he is and moves closer to her. Seeing this, Jake harshly shoves Leon away, with Sherry throwing an arm over him to keep things from escalating. Sherry and Jake move away from Leon and Helena where Jake questions her orders about “avoiding contact with anyone”. Sherry is quick to defend Leon, saying, “Leon’s not just anyone. He saved my life back in Raccoon City.” Jake accepts this just as the Ustanak attacks the group. The Ustanak throws a piece of the crashed plane at Sherry, with Jake managing to tackle her down to safety and cover her body with his own. As they stand up, Jake helps her.

Jake reassuring Sherry about Leon.

A fight ensues with the four of them against the Ustanak, only to end with Sherry and Leon crashing a bus into a radio tower, having it fall between the respective pair of partners. Sherry informs Leon and Helena that she and Jake going to meet Simmons at the Kwun Lung building in Koocheng. Leon attempts to warn her of *something*, though another explosion occurs. Sherry looks on worried as Jake tries to reassure her that Leon will be fine as the two of them leave the area.

Jake and Sherry running from a Ubistvo.

Arriving to a dock, they know Koocheng is just up the river mouth. Jake is eager to get moving and starts to run up a head, though stops when he notices Sherry looking down and going quite. He asks if she’s worried about Simmons, which Sherry nodes at. He assures her that she’s going to be fine. Hearing this, Sherry nodes again and Jake pats her arm, running up head again. Jake and Sherry turn back to see another Ubistvo surprise them. Jake takes Sherry’s hand and runs them for the dock boats.

Jake catching Sherry as she’s dropped into his arms.

The two make it for a dock boat where the Ubistvo is shot in the head suddenly, with Jake asking Sherry if that was her. Jake is able to start a boat, leaving the B.O.W behind. The B.O.W wakes back up and begins its pursuit of Jake and Sherry again. Jake and Sherry work to navigate the river, coming up to a downed boat protruding from the water. The B.O.W attacks them in a close quarters fight ensuing with other J’avo. During the fight, Sherry notices someone is also shooting, believing them to be shooting at them. Jake thinks otherwise, thinking they may be Sherry’s “buddies from the B.S.A.A”. This is proven false as after the fight and the Ubistvo falls into the water, Jake and Sherry start on another boat heading up the river, where the B.O.W jumps onto their boat. The mysterious shooter saves Sherry by shooting the chains holding large steel beams, crushing the the B.O.W. As the boat ride come to an end, Jake jumps to the dock, holding out his hand for Sherry to take when the B.O.W launches from the water, forcing Sherry to stay on the boat. The boat, still with its motor running, starts to pull away. Jake does what he can to save Sherry and shoot the Ubistvo when the mysterious shooter swings down from their peak, grabbing Sherry and dropping her into Jake’s arms as the B.O.W is ripped to shreds by spinning propellers.

Sherry asking Jake to promise not to come for her should things go wrong.

Sherry is contacted by Simmons again, with Sherry answering “Almost,” as that her and Jake are almost there to meet with him. The two make it to Simmons’ location where Sherry stops in her tracks before entering the door. She tells Jake that if Leon was right about Simmons, she wants Jake to run. Jake scuffs at the idea, though Sherry is persistent, telling him “no matter what happens.” Jake finally answers, “Fine.” Hearing Jake’s answer, Sherry turns to the door, finding Leon and Helena confronting Simmons and his team of men. Sherry runs in, with Jake running after her. Simmons attempts to turn Sherry against Leon, though to no avail. He orders his men to fire at the four. When Leon and Helena drive for cover, Sherry is too stunned that Jake tackles her down ground, taking the impact. Once all of them are taking cover, Leon turns to Sherry, telling her she needs to be more careful. Jake asks Leon what the plan is and Leon asks them if they can make it for a nearby door. Jake asks why they don’t just waste the enemy, with Leon answering he needs Jake to take care of Sherry. Sherry gives Leon vital information on the C-Virus that Simmons wants before Leon and Helena run out, gun blazing, shielding Sherry and Jake as they run for the door.

Jake and Sherry are forcefully pulled away from each other.

Going through the door, Jake and Sherry are met by J’avo. Sherry yells for Jake to run with him staying put, telling her, “Not a chance.” Sherry reminds him that he promised, only for Jake to say that he lied, as he had no intention of leaving Sherry to fight alone. A short fight ensues with Sherry getting overpowered by the B.O.Ws as Jake fights off others on the other side of the room. Sherry screams for Jake and Jake whips his heads around to see her getting carried away. Jake fights off as many J’avo has he can before he too is overpowered and carried away, he and Sherry scream and reach for the other as they’re pulled in different directions.

Jake and Sherry having been captured.

Jake and Sherry wake back-to-back in Neo-Umbrella’s underwater ocean facility, confided by their wrists, ankles and midsection. Feeling Jake awake, Sherry apologizes for trusting Simmons, that she should’ve seen through his lies, before claiming that it’s all her fault. Jake attempts to make her feel better that she was just “following orders,” before reminding her that what she was doing was finding a vaccine and saving the world. Suddenly their restraints are unlocked and they fall off their platform. On their feet, they spot their gear in another room through glass. Seeing an air-duct like hole, Jake boots Sherry up for her to crawl through. With Sherry through, she is attacked by a Rasklapanje, an extremely mutated victim of the C-virus. Jake can do nothing to help until she opens the door for him be shooting the lock. With their weapons in hand, they navigate their way through the facility changing the reserve battery, fighting off more Rasklapanje. The reserve battery is a massive gear that moves high and low, where upon battling more Rasklapanje, the battery overloads when the creature falls back against a lever. Jake and Sherry crawl to escape before they’re crushed beneath two collapsing gears, taking the rest of the machine with it.

They run until they end up meeting up with Chris and Piers again, running in the opposite direction. Sherry questions if it was them who had freed her and Jake from their restraints. Chris looks to Jake, commenting that he “sees his father in him,” having learned prior in the night that his deceased nemesis, Albert Wesker, is Jake’s father. This leads to a one-side standoff between the two men after Chris reveals that he was the one who killed him. Once Jake pulls his gun on Chris, Sherry is unsure how to calm the situation own, however when Chris tells Jake to survive because “the world depends on it,” Jake steps closer to Chris in fury. At this, Sherry yells for Jake to stop, also begging him not to fire at Chris. He does fire, grazing Chris’ cheek. The facility starts to rumble, with Sherry snapping Jake out of his standoff with Chris. All four work together, fighting off their attackers on elevator-like platforms. During the ride up, Sherry tells Jake he should talk to Chris, however not at the end of a gun. Jake dismisses this, claiming that this is his problem, not hers.

Jake and Sherry are thrown to the side.

Reaching the end of their ride, the massive cocoon containing HAOS, a human-based B.O.W created with the C-virus, emerges out, rattling the entire base. Chris yells for Jake and Sherry to move as the beast slams a tentacle-arm down between him and them. Sherry insists on staying, battling the creature alongside Chris and Piers, however Jake grabs her arm, telling her “they have a job to finish,” before looking to Chris, who nods his head in agreement. Jake pulls Sherry to the closing door, where Sherry yells at him that Chris and Piers are going to get killed. Jake tells her that he is not his father and that they have a world to save. Sherry is silent for a moment, before agreeing.

Jake shoving Sherry out of the way from being hit by the Ustanak.

Jake and Sherry arrive to an area where molten metal layers the ground. Standing on thin walkways, they see an exit off on the other side on the room. However the Ustanak returns, still stalking Jake. The Ustanak swings its chain ball arm at them, with Jake pushing Sherry out of the way. They run across the walkways, where the Ustanak knocks them lower. Fighting with it enough, Jake and Sherry are able to remove its chain ball arm. Sherry is thrown back, while Jake and the Ustanak are stuck on a single way walkway. The two engage in a “mano a mano” battle, ending with Jake punching it back into the molten metal.

Sherry entwining her fingers through Jake’s.

Jake and Sherry meet back up and run for the exit where they find themselves in a warehouse. They conclude that there must be a way for shipments to move in and out. They find a railway that looks promising. Upon activating it, the force of its speed knocks them over, forcing them to grip it. As they’re moving, they see the Ustanak, severely burned, right on them, launching itself onto their railway. Jake and Sherry desperately crawl forward, putting some distance between them and it. Noticing the cargo being held down, Jake and Sherry get the same idea to release it, making it hit the Ustanak, knocking it back. However the Ustanak uses another chain arm to latch itself to the front of the railway, where it pulls itself over Jake and Sherry, landing in front of them. Seeing a gun, Jake and Sherry reach for it, with Sherry grabbing it first. She fails to get the right shot from the too fast moving railway. Jake places his hand on hers and the two aim the gun together, killing the Ustanak once and for all. Jake secures his arm across Sherry’s back, keeping her from flying off the railway. He turns his head to her, saying, “You saved me… you know that, don’t you? Thank you.” Sherry says nothing, only placing her hand on his, entwining her fingers through his. The two continue on the speeding railway to the surface.


Resident Evil 6

Edonia, 2012

  • Sherry defends Jake from the B.S.A.A once they realize he’s a “wanted insurgent”.
  • Jake covers Sherry’s body with his own as bullets penetrate the cabin’s walls.

Lanshiang, 2013

  • Jake immediately turns away upon seeing Sherry in a fairly revealing patient outfit.
  • Jake can’t help but momentarily stare at Sherry’s bare back as she’s changing clothes.
  • Sherry hangs tightly onto Jake while he drives the motorcycle.
  • Jake catches Sherry when she falls from the attacking helicopter.
  • Jake helps Sherry stand up.
  • Jake harshly shoves Leon away when he advances too close to Sherry.
  • Jake tackles Sherry down to safety and covers her body with his own.
  • Following Jake saving Sherry in front of Leon, Leon gives an approving smile while watching them.
  • Jake pats Sherry’s arm in reassurance.
  • Jake takes Sherry’s hand, pulling her away from an Ubistvo, a chainsaw wielding B.O.W.
  • Jake extends his hand for Sherry to take upon existing the boat.
  • Sherry is dropped into Jake’s arms.
  • Should things so south with Sherry’s supervisor, she insists Jake run no matter what happens.
  • Simmons orders his team of men to open fire on Leon, Helena, Jake and Sherry. Jake tackles Sherry down ground when she’s too stunned at the passing events.
  • When told to run, Jake has no intention of leaving Sherry to fight alone.
  • Jake and Sherry scream and reach for the other as they’re pulled in different directions.
  • Jake pushes Sherry out of the way from the Ustanak’s chain ball attack.
  • Jake places his hand on Sherry’s and the two aim a gun together, killing the Ustanak.
  • Jake secures his arm across Sherry’s back, keeping her from flying off the railway.
  • As Sherry is catching her breath, Jake fondly silently watches her.
  • Jake thanks Sherry for saving him.
  • Sherry places her hand on Jake’s, entwining her fingers through his.


“You’re not taking Jake!”
— Sherry to the Ustanak, Resident Evil 6.
“I’m not gonna let anything happen to you.”
— Sherry to Jake, Resident Evil 6.
Sherry“Pull it out…”
Jake“No, you’ll bleed to death…”
— Jake reluctantly removing a piece of propeller from Sherry’s back, Resident Evil 6.
Jake“The whole mountain’s coming down! God must really hate us today!”
Sherry“We’ll make it! Just keep going! Anyway… I don’t hate you!”
Resident Evil 6.
“Come on, Supergirl…”
— Jake to Sherry, after Sherry’s hit by the Ustanak, Resident Evil 6.
“I’m coming for you, Sherry.”
— Jake, upon seeing Sherry for the first time in six months via CCTV, Resident Evil 6.
Sherry“I can’t hold on!”
Jake“Yes you can! I’m coming!”
— Sherry is tossed to the attacking helicopter, Resident Evil 6.
Jake“You okay?”
Sherry“Yeah. Nice catch.”
— Jake catches Sherry after she falls from the attacking helicopter, Resident Evil 6.
Sherry“Jake! No! You’ll be killed!”
Jake“You know what they say about desperate times! Watch and learn!”
— Jake climbs up to the attacking helicopter via rope, Resident Evil 6.
Sherry“If Leon was right about Simmons, I want you to run.”
Sherry“No matter what happens. Promise me.”
— Should things so south with Sherry’s supervisor, she wants to ensure Jake’s safety, Resident Evil 6.
Sherry“Go! Run!”
Jake“Not a chance.”
Sherry“You promised!”
Jake“I lied.”
— Jake had no intention of leaving Sherry to fight alone, Resident Evil 6.
“You saved me… you know that, don’t you? Thank you.”
— Jake to Sherry, after they killed the Ustanak once and for all, Resident Evil 6.


On AO3, Shake is the seventh most written ship within the Resident Evil - All Media Types tag; Jake’s most written, as well as Sherry’s most written.



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Nivanshake refers to the ship between Piers Nivans, Jake and Sherry


  • Jake calls Sherry “Supergirl” once he discovers her “super power”.
  • Jake and Sherry are six years apart in age; born 1992 (Jake) and 1986 (Sherry) respectively.




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