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This article is about the Disney fandom ship between Princess Jasmine and Li Shang. You may be looking for the Total Drama fandom ship between Jasmine and Shawn.
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Shasmine is the het ship between Shang and Jasmine from the Disney fandom.


As Shang and Jasmine are from different series, they have never met in canon. Although a few Disney crossover games can allow the two to cross paths with each other or get them added in the same team, by the player's choice.

Both Jasmine and Shang's were originally lied to by their love interests about who they really were, even though they were shock by this the two were still able to forgive and except them. After Shang and Mulan were married he meets Mushu, just as Jasmine had met Genie after Jafar had made his first wish. Shang's father was killed in battle, leaving his newly trained troops to serve as China's last defence. In the live-action remake of Aladdin, Jasmine's mother was murdered, causing the Sultan to be over protective of her. Just has the remake also has Jasmine demonstrating leadership skills and has faith in herself that she can lead her people, Shang left honoured that his father trusts him to train the new recruits on his behalf and even though he was sadden by his death Shang remained strong so he can lead them. Similar to how Shang had carried around the sword his father gave him, Jasmine wears her late mother's bracelet.

When their Sultan and Emperor were in the grasps of their main antagonists, Jasmine and Shang try to fight Jafar and Shan Yu to save them but the two end up being saved by their love interests. Despite their experience of being at a villain's mercy, Jasmine and Shang didn't let it stop them from protecting they love or those are in need of their help. Similar to how Jasmine's TV series has her spending time with the lower classes as she enjoys their company and sees them as the people that they are, Shang's second film has him spending time with royalty and in the end he allows the three princesses to be with the ones they love. As while them being a royal and solider has the two being bounded to the duties of their roles, the two have learned to not let the rules stop them from gaining true happiness for themselves or for their friends. Even if it means breaking some rules or going against their duties or orders for the sake of others.

Just as Shang's horse is loyal to him and had faced danger together, Jasmine's best friend is a tiger who looks out for her. Along with them becoming friends with Genie and Mushu, once they got to know them better.


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Jasmine and Shang is a rarepair, normally shipped by fans who enjoy switching canon Disney couples around. They are normally shipped alongside Muladdin. AU's sometimes has Shang as Jasmine's body guard, where the two become close and fall in love with each other. As it is a commonly trophy for a guard to fall in who with the one their protecting, as well as a princess caring deeply about the servant who is there for her. Since the original Aladdin film as Jasmine vising China for a short time, some fans like to believe that it was somewhere around the timeline of Shang's film. Which is why some of the settings in the ship's fan made work is in China. The ship has a small fanbase on both Tumblr and DeviantArt.



Jasmine/Shang tag on FanFiction.Net


  • They are both two of the limit time characters in Disney Magic Kingdoms.
  • Both are guests at the club in The House of Mouse.
  • Both appear in Kingdom Hearts II.
  • They have kids in the Descendants series, Shang has a daughter, Lonnie while Jasmine has a son, Aziz.



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