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Shayllura is the femslash ship between Shay and Allura from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Shay and Allura meet during the first season of the show. When the Balmera, Shay's home planet, is in danger of collapsing, Allura rockets down to the surface and tries to convince the population to evacuate. Shay's family is the first that she meets, and although they are reluctant to leave, they help Allura use her Altean powers to communicate with the other Balmerans and start the evacuation.

When the evacuation fails, however, Allura decides to use her energy to heal the Balmera. This process up almost all of her energy, causing Allura to collapse on the ground. Shay is there to support her, holding Allura in her arms and assuring her that everything turned out fine.

In the second season, Allura returned to the Balmera to get a crystal, and once again Shay and her family gladly help her. When Allura is about to leave, she and Shay exchange a friendly hug.

In the fourth season, when Team Voltron is forming their coalition, Allura and Hunk return to the Balmera. Shay and Allura are seen shaking hands in one shot, presumably making their alliance official.


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Though not the biggest ship in the fandom, Shayllura is one of the more popular femslash ships.



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  • In the official Voltron lithograph for season 2, Shay and Allura are shown walking together with flower crowns on their heads. Shay is also blushing slightly.



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