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ShenJin is the femslash ship between Shenhe and Yun Jin from the Genshin Impact fandom.


Fleeting Colors in Flight

Yun Jin is a director and opera performer and intends to ask Ningguang where she can perform her upcoming opera, The Divine Damsel of Devastation, which she's not aware is loosely based on Shenhe's own life. Yun Jin's father is a playwright, and he's the one who was responsible for creating the The Divine Damsel of Devastation. Upon learning the truth, Yun Jin makes changes to her opera to mirror the truth in honor of Shenhe.

Shenhe's childhood is the subject of Yun Jin's opera, The Divine Damsel of Devastation. It tells the story of an evil monster terrorizing a village, demanding children to be sacrificed. The village could do nothing but give in to the demands, but before they could decide whose child was to be sacrificed, a young girl stepped up to volunteer. Using a hidden exorcist blade, she fought the monster and emerged victorious. The young girl's actions caught the attention of the Adepti and they took her as one of their own.

The truth was Shenhe did not volunteer to be sacrificed to the monster. She was sacrificed by her own father, in hopes that it will bring back his wife and Shenhe's mother. With only a dagger, she was locked into a confrontation with the monster for several days before Cloud Retainer found her.


Yun Jin's voiceline about Shenhe refers to the Archon Quest where she learned that Shenhe was the Divine Damsel of Devastation and that she was actually real. She says that she hopes that Shenhe can find true friendship and never be alone again.

Shenhe asks about Yun Jin's job as a opera performer in her voicelines, adding that she likes this particular type of social interaction. You can get to know about the other person's background without having to actually interact with them one on one. She says to the Traveler that if Yun Jin ever includes the Traveler's story in one of her performances, the result will end up being quite incredible, and that she is looking forward to it.


“I have long since known "The Divine Damsel of Devastation" inside out, back to front, but it was only very recently that I learned that the "divine damsel" in question is actually a real person. Life is full of strange twists sometimes! My only hope is that she can find true friendship and never be lonely again.”
— Yun Jin's Voiceline about Shenhe
“Yun Jin performs... It's called "Liyue opera," isn't it? I like this particular type of social interaction. You can get to know about the other person's background without having to actually interact with them one on one. If she ever includes your story in one of her performances, I'm sure the result will end up being quite incredible. I'm looking forward to it.”
— Shenhe's Voiceline about Yun Jin


It's both Yun Jin's and Shenhe's most written ship on AO3. The ship grew after the release of the Fleeting Colors in Flight patch. Fans of this pairing like their color contrast and height difference, but mostly enjoy their dynamic present in the Archon quest, where they were very immersed in the story of the divine damsel. It's rival ships are Yunyan and ShenYu.



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  • Yun Jin was present in Shenhe's first banner.



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