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ShinDeku is the slash ship between Izuku Midoriya and Hitoshi Shinso from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Shinso's first appearance was in chapter 23 of the manga where he stands up to Bakugo after he rudely dismisses his classmates. Midoriya is more distracted by the points he brings up, but takes what Shinso says seriously.

Later the two have a one on one match for the sports festival finals. Shinso seems to have an understanding of Midoriya's values, having to bait him into answering his question by getting under his skin. He manages to get him to respond by insulting Midoriya's fellow classmate. Midoriya frees himself, and as he begins his counterattack, Shinso continues berating him to get him to respond. Midoriya empathizes with him, as the two both share a history of being held back by quirks, in Midoriya's case, not having one. The two share a brief moment of mutual understanding after their match. All Might even shares the same empathy when he acknowledges how difficult it must have been for Midoriya to hear what Shinso had to say since he could relate.

Shinso was seen teasing Midoriya after their match, telling him to keep his guard up, and showing respect for winning the match. He also give Midoriya a few words of encouragement for his next match.

There's an indirect interaction when Midoriya notices him walking beside Aizawa, implying that the two have been training together.

The next big interaction comes during the Joint Training Arc, where Shinso is introduced to classes A-1 and 1-B as a try-out for the hero course. While he claims that he "isn't there to make friends", Midoriya is shown to have a smug little grin on his face, possibly in excitement for Shinso. During the training exercise, Midoriya reawakens Black Whip and can't control it. Shinso steps in and suggests a rematch to recenter Midoriya's focus and it eventually works to dissolve the situation.


The two might not have very many interactions, but the ones they do share offer fans with an established emotional connection between the two. Both want to be heroes, and have had to fight harder than most for their success. It can be argued that Midoriya's influence during the one on one match was what influenced Aizawa into training Shinso as it's revealed that Shinso had less atheletic ability than Midoriya who scored in last for the Quirk Apprehension Test. Aizawa was shown to admire Midoriya's resolve, and his ability to adapt to his ability, possibly opening him up to Shinso's potential.

It can also be argued that the two are likely to become friends in the future, as they have highly compatible personalities.

The ship has much in common with TodoDeku, with both ships sharing the same height difference, and tsundere/deredere characterization.

It became the most popular after the sports festival arc when the two had a one on one fight. The two had a one on one match in the finals of the sports festival. Izuku ended up winning, however, he found the match challenging due to his empathy for Shinso's reasoning for wanting to become a Hero.



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