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“Did you come to laugh at me, Class 1-A chick?”
— Hitoshi to Momo in Chapter 29 of BNHA Smash!!

ShinMomo is the het ship between Hitoshi Shinsou and Momo Yaoyorozu from the My Hero Academia fandom.


The two's first conversation

The two never talked in the manga nor anime, but the two have talked in the BNHA Smash!! manga. Chapter 29, Deep-Seated Issues to be exact. After Hitoshi loses to Izuku in the Sports Festival, Hitoshi gets back from the arena into the indoor side of the building while cursing to himself and wishes that he could join the Hero Course. There, he notices Momo, that are staring at him with arm crossed on her chest, it seems like she has already been waiting for him. Hitoshi asked her did she just come to laugh at him, as a female student from Class 1-A for his defeat against her classmates? Momo with embarassment said no and wondering if he could brainwash her to force her to be more confident and capable person, which making Hitoshi surprised.

The two are rather smart, Hitoshi knows just the right words to say to manipulate others into replying to his words, allowing him the opportunity to activate his Quirk, meanwhile Momo have a Genius Intellect, Momo is ranked S-class in intelligence, meaning that she can essentially be considered a genius. Her analytical skills are strong, easily devising strategies and plans in battle and urgent situations, which she has no trouble putting in motion due to her Quirk's versatility. Academically speaking, Momo is highly efficient, having been ranked 1st place in the mid-terms of her class. The two are known to be both blunt and straightforward, Momo is blunt with her comments about people's mistakes and miscalculations, tending to be very direct and wishing to help her peers improve enough to become great heroes, such as when she tutored her classmates at her home, meanwhile Hitoshi is very straightforward about the Hero Course transfer thing he talked in front of the Class 1-A.


This ship isn't popular for both characters, and they rarely interact, making this ship got listed as one of the 'rare-pairs'. This ship still got outshined by other Hitoshi x Class 1-A ships such as ShinDeku. The two usually appears as platonic in fan-content that features ShinKami + MomoJirou due to Momo's closeness to Denki. Even though this is a rare-pair, the two still manages to have a small fanbase on Tumblr and have 31+ works of them on AO3. The fans of this ship likes the idea of the two of them helps each other out from their own insecurities, a sweet headcanon based on their only interaction throughout My Hero Academia. The two are potential classmates, since Hitoshi wanted to transfer to Hero Course, and since Momo is the vice-rep of the Class 1-A, many also headcanon Momo helping Hitoshi out, adaptating in the class.



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  • The name "Sleeping Beauty" Is taken from Shinso who looks like he needs sleep and Momo who's phisycally attractive, and there's also a disney movie named that
  • Momo usually scores a number higher in a popularity poll than Hitoshi
    • Momo ranked 11th in the First Popularity Poll while Hitoshi ranked 12th in the First Popularity Poll
    • Momo ranked 13th in the Second Popularity Poll while Hitoshi ranked 14th in the Second Popularity Poll
    • Momo ranked 12th in the Sixth Popularity Poll while Hitoshi ranked 13th in the Sixth Popularity Poll
  • The two ranked in the Top 16 of the UA Sports Festival First-Year Stage


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