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ShinoMitsu is the femslash ship between Shinobu Kochou and Mitsuri Kanroji from the Demon Slayer fandom.


Shinobu and Mitsuri get along quite well due to them having been the only two female Pillars after Kanae's death. They bond whenever Mitsuri teaches Shinobu western cooking, while Shinobu entertains Mitsuri's cheeriness by letting her hang around her estate and play with her servants and little sister.

They have been several instances where Mitsuri is seen blushing and nervous around Shinobu. Mitsuri also seems to enjoy hanging around the Butterfly Estate, Shinobu's home.

In Kanroji Mitsuri's Secret, Chapter 3 of the spin-off novel One-Winged Butterfly, the story revolved around Mitsuri and her crush on Shinobu.


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As the two do not have much canon evidence pointing to a romantic relationship, most shipping material is fan-based and created.

Most have speculated about Shinobu's love for women because of her "shojo-moment" with a hunter girl during Tomioka two chapter spin-off and how her lifestyle in the Butterfly Estate, being an intellectual surrounded by young women, reminisce to Sappho of Lesbos's (or ancient lesbianism).

In the canon-verse, Mitsuri joined the demon slayers to look for a man that will love her, this is often changed in fanon works because of the implication in Mitsuri's introduction in where she has a like for every pillar, regardless of their gender.



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