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ShinoSara is the femslash ship between Kuki Shinobu and Kujou Sara from the Genshin Impact fandom.


In Sara's voice line about Shinobu she says she regrets that with her talent she joined the Arataki gang, and that she admits that her presence prevented disagreements. In Shinobu's voice line about Sara, she calls her "Madam Sara" and claims to be her friend and knows her long before joining the Arataki gang. She also comments that it is difficult to define who is the winner when they fight.

At the end of The Varied Shinobu Collection, she invites Sara to a Uyuu restaurant to thank her for the recommendation to join the Arataki gang, in which they both drink together.

In the third end of Shinobu's Hangout, Sara recommends her to Nokita, and assures her that Shinobu is capable and has skills. At the end of the day Sara tells Shinobu that she hopes that the next time they meet it will be at Tenryou Commission, to which Shinobu replies that she is truly honored.

Sara is the one to introduce Shinobu in her character introduction.

In Kuki's character story, Kuki had met Sara after Sara thanked her for protecting a figurine she ordered. Sara repeatedly offered Kuki work in the Tenryou Commission after learning of her desire for a job, which Kuki declined. Sara always attended Kuki's lectures and demonstrations and would often hire her to maintain figurines. Kuki liked Sara's straightforward personality and decisive behavior and they became friends. They often would met up at Uyuu Restaurant, where Sara told Shinobu about the Arataki gang.

Both have shown great mutual respect for each other, and have similar personalities, being serious and responsible, in addition, both are subordinates to someone, with Sara being from Baal and Shinobu being from Itto.


“Madam Kujou? Yes, she's a friend of mine. Hmm? You're surprised that I know her? Oh, you must've misunderstood, I knew her from before I joined the Arataki Gang. Heh, in fact, it's hard to tell who's the winner whenever we spar.”
— Kuki Shinobu about Kujou Sara.
“The opportunity to test myself against similarly-skilled warriors is also not one I get often.”
— Kuki Shinobu about Kujou Sara.
“With her talent and qualifications, it's a shame she decided to join the Arataki gang. I must concede, however, that at the very least, her presence has effectively prevented idlers from stirring up trouble and disturbing the public, reducing the burden on the Tenryou Commission.”
— Kujou Sara about Kuki Shinobu.
“My apologies, I have not sent my regards for a long time. I am writing to introduce a talented person to you. She is very knowledgeable, well-versed in both literature and martial arts, and is an invaluable assistant... Unfortunately, she is currently working for the Arataki Gang and only accepts outsourced consultations, which is a pity.”
— Kujou Sara about Kuki Shinobu.
“I can assure you that she is exceptionally capable. All the Doushin from the Police Station have vouched for her abilities.”
— Kujou Sara about Kuki Shinobu.


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Shinobu and her interactions with Sara have recently been released, so there are few shippers. The ship started gaining traction when Sara's voice lines about Shinobu were leaked. Shinobu and Sara are both similar characters that are serious about their work. However, Shinobu is someone who followed their own ambitions and ran away from her family, trying multiple trades to find where she belonging. Sara also has stifled relations with her family, but has no personal ambitions of her own, taking on the wish of the Shogun. Contrasting Shinobu's many talents, Sara doesn't have many hobbies. Fans think Shinobu's knowledge in trades and her beliefs could help Sara find her own personal ambitions, and Sara could show Shinobu how to stay connected to family even with struggling relations.

The ship is also liked for its rivalry aspect, Shinobu is deputy of the Arataki Gang which often annoys and challenges Sara and Shinobu chooses the gang over the Tenryou Commission and Sara.

Some rival pairs to them are KokoSara and IttoSara.

On AO3, ShinoSara is the ninth most written ship for Sara and the most written for Kuki. It currently has 27 works.



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  • Kuki Shinobu and Kujou Sara's specialty food both use eggs as the main ingredient.
  • Shinobu and Sara both have masks.


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