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Shkatt is the polyship between Shiro, Keith and Matt from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Shiro, Keith and Matt have very little to no interaction with the three of them together. By season four, Matt’s first post-appearance, Keith is no longer with Shiro and the rest of Team Voltron. The closest interaction they have is during the season four episode, “A New Defender.”

Shiro and the other paladins are in immense danger; they are desperately attempting to fly Voltron away from Naxzela, a planet that Haggar has created to become a bomb. When Keith realizes that Naxzela is a trap set up for Voltron, his first reaction is to call Shiro, asking if he’s okay. Upon getting no response, Keith leaves using a Galra fighter to attack the Galra warship holding Haggar. As he’s racing for Shiro and Voltron, he gathers the rebel ships still available along the way, Matt being on one of those ships. Keith and Matt are in communication with each other, when Keith heavily implies—then attempts—that he’s going to sacrifice himself to stop Haggar by flying his own ship into the barrier surrounding the ship Haggar’s aboard, and therefore stopping the bomb. Matt screams for Keith not to. Fortunately, Keith and others are saved by Lotor, who ends up shooting the ship instead. Shiro believes Keith is the one to saved them, as he is quick to praise to him.


Shkatt was more popular during the earlier seasons before Matt entered the show in season four. It was revealed that he wasn’t as close to Shiro (and there for Keith) as the fandom first thought. Nevertheless, the ship is still enjoyed, though mainly in the setting of pre-Kerberos (pre-canon).



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Katt refers to the ship between Keith and Matt
Shatt refers to the ship between Shiro and Matt
Sheith refers to the ship between Shiro and Keith


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