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Shlav is the slash ship between Shiro and Slav from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 2


When the Voltron team are told of the genius Slav, they learn that he has been imprisoned in Beta Traz. Shiro and Lance are tasked with locating and extracting him. The two split up to search different sections of the prison. Shiro quickly locates Slav, only to find him cowering behind his bed, fearful of torture. From this first meeting, Shiro soon realizes that Slav has severe paranoia.

Before they can leave, Slav needs to make his bed. After he's finally done, he and Shiro run out of his cell where they comes across a tiny puddle on the floor. Slav is fearful he'll slip and fall, or even drown. Shiro is able to carry Slav, and Slav even comments to Shiro on how he is strong. They soon come across another obstacle: tiny cracks in the floor. Slav won't cross it as he's worried about his "mother's back". Shiro asks if there are any other paths they can take. Slav lists off others, but also why they can't take them. Along one path, he can hear water drops, and Shiro catches on quickly and says, "And you're worried about drowning." Waiting for Pidge to give them a response on an alternate route, Shiro offers to carry him again. When Shiro goes to grab him, Slav screams, alerting a guard droid. Shiro punches the droid, then turns back to Slav and says, "No screaming!"

Pidge gets back to them, but there are no other routes to take. Slav then recommends the gravity be turned off. Pidge does so, and Slav hangs on Shiro as Shiro jetpacks over the cracks. Meeting up with Lance and Pidge, they're soon spotted by the warden and a fight breaks out. Slav opens the dock, saving the others in their losing fight. He then tries to fly out with them, but he is grabbed by the warden. Lance saves him by shooting the warden's hand, thus releasing his hold on Slav.


Fan works often feature Shiro and Slav forming a genuine bond; Shiro realizing Slav has some major trauma and they're not really so different, the two of them trying to help each other work through the pain of PTSD and OCD brought on by torture, etc.



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