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ShojiMina is the het ship between Mezo Shoji and Mina Ashido from the My Hero Academia fandom.


Mina and Mezo do not interact commonly, partially due to Mina’s greater interest in becoming close with their female classmates, and partially due to Mezo’s lack of canon screen-time. However, they do have select interactions, which, despite the small number, seem to give the implication of a certain protectiveness Mezo has over Mina, which is a behavior not typically seen between characters with no attachment to one another.

At the start of the Quirk Apprehension tests, Mina and Mezo are seen standing together, and later, reacting to Katsuki’s impressive throw of 705 meters alongside each other.

The arrival to the USJ brings the first attack on U.A students by the LoV. After being leapt at by the duo-attack of Eijiro and Katsuki, Kurogiri shrouds the class in his mist to warp them around the premises. Mina screams, before Mezo crouches down to cover with the webbing of his arms at her, as a means to protect her, which he later proved successful in, judging that she remains in her same location post-attack. The two remain near one another during the remainder of the event, exempt from moments where Mezou leaves to stand against their enemies.

After Katsuki is recovered from the LoV, the whole of U.A implements a dorm system in hopes to prevent anymore situations like Katsuki’s by keeping the students all in one place. After the students finish decorating their respective rooms, Mina, alongside her fellow girls, gives the suggestion that everyone take a tour of one another's rooms. Mezo, despite his plentiful limbs, turns out to be a minimalist to an extreme, leaving a very uninteresting room for Mina to look at. Mina voices her disappointment at this before moving onto the next room.

Amusingly, the ever-curious Hadou takes notice of the extreme physical mutations of the two, taking much interest in the reason behind Mezo’s mask, and later, Mina’s horns. Both became flustered by her touch in a similar manner.

Side Content & Spin-Offs

BNHA: School Briefs (Novel Spin-Off)

In a side illustration for a chapter of the light novels, Mina and Mezo are shown in identical tank-tops of the same style and pattern. Additionally, Mezou is using an arm to keep a struggling Minoru away from Mina, who sits pressed against his side with a fearful expression. Mina is known to take comfort in (physical) contact with friends, so their lack of distance is notable.


Due to the lack of interactions between the two, ShojiMina is not particularly popular, and remains a ‘rare-pair’ of the MHA/BNHA fandom, although the physical mutations of the characters being attention from those interested in designs such as theirs, and believe them to be quite the interesting looking couple. On a different level, the brief protectiveness of Mina Mezo has shown has brought additional attention, especially from fans of Mina, who enjoy seeing their favorite character be treated in such an endearing manner.

ShojiMina has 7+ works on AO3.



Mezo/Mina tag on AO3



  • The two both have very notable physical mutations, being Mezo’s elongated face and plentiful arms, and Mina’s pink hair/skin, black sclera and horns.


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