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Shotor is the slash ship between Shiro and Lotor from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 5


Following the season 4 finale, Shiro and team have Lotor locked up in the castleship. Over an unspecified about of time, Lotor feeds Team Volton information on Galra whereabouts and plans, allowing Voltron to easily have an successful mission. After their latest mission, Shiro and others return back to discuss the their latest mission. Shiro and Allura leave to have video meeting with other leaders. Once they return, Loror informs them that after their latest mission, any more would be more dangers, he goes on saying how there is a prison, formerly in his control, that houses a “special inmate.”


After Zarkon's death by Lotor's hands, he's trustworthy enough that he no longer needs to be help in a cage. Him and Allura sit on the bridge waiting for Shiro and the others. Soon Shiro and others join them, getting right to business. Lotor informs the team of the Kral Zera - a place where all the powerful Galra will be fighting for the throne of the Empire - and that they must be there. Shiro approves of this, as they've been discussing putting Lotor on the throne. Lance soon agrees with Allura, as it's a bad idea. Shiro sternly tells Lance this isn't his call, and that they need to listen to Lotor.


Shiro is adamant that Lotor become the Emperor. Allura and others disagree, to wish Shiro says, “I'm sorry to hear that.” As Shiro walks away from the group, Lotor silently watches him leave.

Sometime later, Shiro takes Lotor to the Kral Zera without informing the others of their whereabouts.

Season 6


Shiro and team wait for Lotor and Allura to return from their test trip into the quintessence rift. When they do get back, and after Lotor's failed attempts at damage control, Allura is fed up, she picks Lotor up and throws him hard to the floor, knocking him out.

Soon the ship is infiltrated by Lotor's former generals. Moments later, Shiro screams in pain. Now under Haggar's control, he effortlessly takes down his team and picks up the unconscious Lotor. He runs with Lotor over his shoulder and jumps into a pod, flying him to Haggar.


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After the release of season 5, Shotor gained in popularity, though since the release of season 6, it has since dropped (as with a majority of Lotor ships).



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Keirotora refers to the ship between Allura, Keith, Shiro and Lotor
Loturon refers to the ship between Clone!Shiro (Kuron) and Lotor
Sheitor refers to the ship between Keith, Shiro and Lotor
Shotura refers to the ship between Allura, Shiro and Lotor




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