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“S-Sorry I said that you were boring because you only care about your club.”
— Mika Yamaka to Suguru Daishou

ShouMika is the het ship between Suguru Daishō and Mika Yamaka from the Haikyu!! fandom.


Daishou and Mika dated for awhile, but then they broke up sometime before the Tokyo Spring High Representative Playoffs. When asked about the end of their relationship, Daishou claimed that he was the one to break up with Mika. However, it is later revealed that Daishou was the one who was dumped by Mika. She did this because she was upset how Daishou spent so much time and effort on volleyball, and volleyball alone. Mika then starts to feel bad for downplaying Daishou's love of volleyball.

Later, during Nohebi's match against Nekoma, Mika comes to the game without Daishou's knowledge. After Nohebi lost to them in the Third Place Decider Match, Mika consoles Daishou and apologizes for the things she had said to him earlier. Daishou acknowledges his loss, even though he gave it his best. Mika immediately defends him and continues to comfort Daishou. Later, she even asks Daishou to teach her about volleyball.

After the two of them reconcile, Daishou tries to watch what he says around Mika (making sure he doesn't bring up volleyball all the time), even though Mika is perfectly fine with it. Daishou and Mika then attend the Spring Nationals to watch the games. While they were there, Daishou asked Mika if she was bored and wanted to leave, but she declines saying that she was having a good time. During the matchs, Daishou explained anything Mika didn't quite understand. It made Daishou very happy to see Mika being genuinely interested in the sport he loves so much.


Though the ship is one of the few canon ships in the Haikyu!! fandom, it's often overshadowed by the fanon slash ships. It also isn't very popular since they didn't get much screen time in the first three seasons of the anime. Despite this, there are currently 175+ works on AO3 of the pairing. Along with this, there are 16+ works on AO3 of the friendship. It also has a lot of fan art on Tumblr.



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  • Daishou finds Mika's reactions to be quite cute.


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