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Shunk is the slash ship between Shiro and Hunk from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Season 1


When it came to rescuing Shiro, Hunk wanted nothing to do with that, fearing the aliens that were after him. Before officially becoming part of a team, Hunk uses Shiro has a barrier, such as in episode one, when the Blue Lion roars, Hunk believes it's going to eat them, he quickly takes cover behind Shiro.


Hunk is excited because he's going to see Shay again, while Keith tells him to calm down and the others tease him; Shiro defends him, as it’s their first rescue mission as a team. However, the team gets a distress signal from a nearby moon. Hunk is adamant to help as he wants to get to Shay as soon as possible, but he's quickly outnumbered by the others. As they help Rolo, Nyma and Beezer, Hunk is getting more suspicious of them the more looks at their spaceship. He and Shiro converse quietly, but Shiro doesn't show his concerns, believing they really are simply stuck with a broken down ship. Isn't until later once the Blue Lion is stolen that Shiro and the others realize Hunk was right.


Season 1

Taking Flight

  • Shiro defends Hunk’s enthusiasm, because it’s Team Voltron’s first rescue mission.


  • Hunk thanks Shiro for “telling Shay” Team Voltron could beat the monster.

Season 2

Shiro’s Escape

  • As Shiro’s in the healing pod, he’s making sounds of discomfort, leading to Hunk asking if he’s okay.

Stayin’ Alive

  • While in the Yellow Lion, Hunk is hit and loses control. Shiro–in the Black Lion–flies down and saves him.

Season 3

Changing of the Guard

  • Hunk mentions how “Shiro taught him everything he knows about being a pilot.”

Season 7

Lions’ Pride, Part 2

  • Hunk gets an injured Shiro to the Atlas.


The ship is a rare-pair within the Voltron fandom, although it does have a decent fanbase.



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