Shurtis is the slash ship between Shiro and Curtis from the Voltron: Legendary Defender fandom.


Shiro and Curtis both met in season 7, Curtis worked on the Atlas and would refer to Shiro as "Captain" or "Sir". Curtis stayed working on the Atlas in season 8 and aided Voltron in their mission. In the episode "Clear Day", Curtis was seen in the audience watching Shiro arm wrestling. He was not visible when Shiro won his arm wrestling competition, and was seen hanging out with the MFE pilots simultaneously.

In the ending of season 8, he and Shiro are married. Shiro is shown to be kissing Curtis. Lance, Hunk, Pidge, Coran and others are seen at the ceremony.


Shurtis began to rise after season 8 as the two are now married, though it has faced a large intense backlash within the fandom, and has been criticized by multiple fans and critics who felt the ship was rushed at best and forced at worst.

Fans of the ship often contribute works of a happy and healthy marriage or pre-relationship content to fill in the gap of how the ship came to pass. Much of the positive fan work have Shurtis adopting children or animals together. Many fans also have Curtis bonding with Shiro's friends, with some even going out of their way to play matchmaker for them.

Due to the lack of background about Curtis, many fans like to create headcanons and speculate on his background. One of the most popular fanons is that he loves dogs, due to his enthusiastic chat with Iverson about his own dog in "The Grudge."



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  • As per the time skip shown in the epilogue cards, it can be assumed that Shiro and Curtis began to date sometime after the "one year later" scene in the final episode proper.


Adashurtis refers to the ship between Adam, Shiro, and Curtis
Curtasheith refers to the ship between Keith, Shiro and Curtis


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