“I think when Shane is around, it's easy to forget that you're in one of the most horrifying places on Earth... not to say that he's my daddy or something like that.”
— Ryan about Shane, Season 6 Episode 2

Shyan is the slash ship between Shane Madej and Ryan Bergara from the Buzzfeed Unsolved fandom.


Buzzfeed Unsolved

Shane and Ryan are the producers and hosts of Buzzfeed's Unsolved series, they are good friends. Ryan more of a scaredy-cat and believer in ghosts while Shane is a skeptic and has no fear or belief in the paranormal.

Despite their clashing beliefs, they care about each other and look out for one another. Shane is always making sure Ryan is okay even though he teases him constantly, and Ryan seems to enjoy his presence and comfort, as he has said that being around Shane makes him less scared.

Shane frequently taunts the spirits whenever they visit haunted locations and Ryan always gets scared, which causes Shane to laugh at him.


In their latest video, LA Tourist Attractions, Ryan comments that he didn't like gin while holding it a glass of it. In the next scene it shows that their drinks are switched.

Other videos

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Shane and Ryan have appeared in numerous other Buzzfeed videos.


  • Sitting in a hot tub together at the Dauphine Orleans hotel.
  • Shane teaching Ryan how to floss outside of Loey Lane's house.
  • Ryan scooting his sleeping bag closer to Shane at the Sally House because he was scared.

Behind the Scenes

Steven Lim from Buzzfeed once asked Ryan and Shane to go on a double date with him and his girlfriend, but Ryan responded that he didn't think he'll want to date Shane.

Shane and Ryan have left Buzzfeed sometime in Fall 2019, they are starting their own studio together called Watcher with Steven Lim.


It is the most popular ship for both men and the only ship from the Unsolved fandom. Some fans were hesitant to ship two men who have girlfriends, so many ship them platonically or as a bromance instead.

Some popular AU's or headcanons is demon!Shane, Ryan is secretly Ricky Goldsworth, and protective!Shane. The headcanon that Shane is actually a demon that has taken a liking to Ryan is wildly popular in the fandom and it's present in most fan fictions, the headcanon originated from theories of demon Shane due to his lack of fear of demons and protectiveness of Ryan. Others say that Shane's rudeness and taunting is so that Ryan feels more at ease or less nervous when they go to haunted places to shoot their videos, since it's less scary if you're with someone who isn't scared.

They tend to stare at each other a lot, not only during the show but during interviews as well, which has caused some fans to make comments about them making "heart eyes" at each other. Fans also like to incorporate jokes about Shane and Ryan's height difference, something that many fans find cute.



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  • Shane moved his desk next to Ryan's so they could be closer while working.
  • They're seen frequently on each other's social medias such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.


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