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Silvamy is the het ship between Silver and Amy from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


In Sonic the Hedgehog, Amy mistook Silver for Sonic. Amy, who thought he was simply looking for someone, offered to help him if he would help her. Unable to deny her offer, Silver was dragged along with Amy unwillingly for a while, and found her a distraction, while Amy became his friend and promised to help him find the "Iblis Trigger". Eventually, though, Silver's helpful nature kicked in and he set aside his quest momentarily to help her search through Dusty Desert.

Silver's alliance with Amy ended up being only temporary, which ended once Silver found Sonic and tried to kill him. When Amy found out that Silver intended to kill Sonic, she left Silver, which disappointed him, he did seem as if he was going to call her back, but didn't upon realizing that it didn't matter, she would leave anyway. Strangely, when they meet again after Sonic dies and Mephiles and Iblis fuse, she bears no particular malice towards him for his past actions. Because of what happens at the end of the game, Silver and Amy's original meeting never happened.

Silver and Amy met again in later games. In Sonic Generations, Silver and Amy were both among the characters cheering the Sonics on before their battle against the Time Eater and later attending Sonic's birthday party. In Sonic Forces, they were members of the resistance.

Amy and Silver have common appearances in spin-off games, but no special interactions are shown between specifically the two in these games.


Despite not being the most popular ship for either Silver or Amy, Silvamy still has a fan-following. It is typically shipped by people who also ship Sonaze but there are exceptions. Silvamy is possibly the second most popular ship for Silver, behind Silvaze. Depending on the fanwork, Silver may or may not originate from the same timeline as Amy.

Some people think of Silver and Amy as related. The most common way is Silver being the descendant of either Sonic and Amy or Shadow and Amy.



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