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Silvazamy is the polyship between Silver, Blaze, and Amy from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Although Silver, Blaze and Amy are featured as a trio in promotional artwork of Sonic the Hedgehog, there is never a moment in the game where all three characters appear together. In fact, Blaze and Amy never meet each other in the game, and the two are only shown to be friends in other games and the Archie comics in situations where Silver is absent.

Silver, Blaze and Amy all appear together near the end of Sonic Generations alongside the rest of the characters, cheering on the Sonics before their fight with the Time Eater. They also appear as playable characters in the Mario & Sonic series, where it is possible to form a team consisting of the three alongside a fourth character.

All the have had associations with Vector in spin-off games. In Sonic Free Riders, Vector appears as the third member of Team Rose alongside Amy and Cream, while in Team Sonic Racing, Silver and Blaze are members of his own team.

In an off-panel in Sonic Universe #58, Marine writes a fanfiction of Silver and Blaze. However, Blaze dislikes it and burns it. Amy, however, notes that the guy seems handsome.


The polyship is not very popular, as polyships in general are not very common in the Sonic fandom. It is a combination of three more-popular ships featuring two out of the three characters.

On DeviantArt, the ship was started by Alexandrite-the-Lynx, who made artwork of the three together. X-irus also made one featuring them as one of her many point commissions.



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Fan art


Blazamy - the ship between Blaze and Amy
Silvamy - the ship between Silver and Amy
Silvaze - the ship between Silver and Blaze


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