Silvisper is the het ship between Silver the Hedgehog and Whisper the Wolf from the Sonic the Hedgehog fandom.


Silver had been a big fan of Whisper, who was back known as the "Guardian Angel of the Battlefield" and aided the Resistance and saved the life of Silver many times, all while keeping her identity hidden. Coincidentally, a month after the war, Sonic and Silver infiltrated the same Eggman base Whisper was dealing with, leading to Silver's meeting of a revealed Whisper (and his over-excitement). When Whisper, during her stand with the Badniks, crashed and got herself trapped in the rubble, becoming helpless, Silver destroyed the remaining Badniks and freed her, thus saving her life. He then offered Whisper the delight of joining her team, in which she partially accepts.

They have not yet interacted majorly after that event, but still remain big allies among their friends while fighting Doctor Eggman and his empire.


Silver's big admiration of Whisper and their major interaction in issue 8 of IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog quickly inspired a romantic pairing of them, which currently stands as the most popular Whisper ship, but very less popular than other Silver ships.



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