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SinHal is the slash ship between Thaal Sinestro and Hal Jordan from the DC Comics fandom.


Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Aya informs the other Lanterns that they're receiving a call from Green Lantern 1417. Hal is excited, since it's the first call in a long while that he wants to take. Razer asks who he is, and Hal explains that Sinestro is one of the most decorated members of the core, but Kilowag says that he's a hot head. Hal says that just makes him awesome, and that he taught Hal a few tricks. He answers the call, and asks Sinestro how they can help. Sinestro tells him that he has a prisoner from the Spider Guild, and wouldn't mind being escorted on their ship to OA. Hal asks what the catch is, and Sinestro says he's on their freighter, while being shot at. He tells Hal not to dawdle and Hal starts flying to his location.

After getting Sinestro out of the Spiderguild ship, Hal asks what happened. Sinestro isn't sure, but is more concerned with putting the prisoner away, and showing the spiderguild tech that he got from them. Hal introduces Sinestro to Razer, and Sinestro asks if he's really keeping a Red Lantern on the ship. Hal says that he's good now, and will vouch for him. He asks what the deal is with Noxus, and Sinestro's not sure, but does know that he's a wanted criminal, and he's a dutiful Green Lantern so he's bringing him in. Hal laughs at that notion, and starts to get Sinestro to reminisce with him. Sinestro however decides to rest, and Hal just chucks it up to taking on the Spiderguild taking it out of him.

As they all discuss the prisoner, Sinestro suddenly comes in and starts shooting the crew. Hal asks what's wrong and tells Sinestro to talk to him, but Sinestro just keeps shooting. Kilowag and Razer knock out Sinestro, and Razer asks if that's truly one of the Lantern's greatest. Hal says that anyone can have a bad day, and gets him locked in a cell, but not before taking his ring.

Sinestro wakes in the cell, but has no idea what's going on. Hal says that until they know what caused his freakout, he's staying there. Hal asks if Sinestro is aware that he just tried to kill them, but Sinestro doesn't remember anything. Hal says that they'll take him to OA and get him all fixed up, and picks up the gun as the group leaves the room. Kilowag offers a suggestion of what happened, but Hal points out that Sinestro tried to kill him, but Kilowag just reiterates his theory.

As Razer, Kilowag and Hal start arguing over who is being possessed, Sinestro arrives and explains his plan to figure it out. Hal asks how they know that Sinestro isn't being possessed, and Sinestro makes a construct and gives himself an oxygen barrier. Hal takes it as proof that he's not possessed and does the same. When Razer doesn't and starts to lose oxygen, Hal asks what they're going to do if Sinestro is wrong. Sinestro says that criminals have a high preservation instinct, and Hal convinces Noxus to go back to his own body.

Sinestro returns to Noxus, where he reveals that he damaged the vent to purposefully let Noxus die. Once he seals the vent, Hal and Kilowag joins them asking what happened. Sinestro plays it off as an accident, and Hal reminds him of the code. Sinestro reiterates that it was an accident, but that it was probably for the best. They wouldn't want to risk him getting loose on OA.


Green Lantern: The Animated Series

Prisoner of Sinestro

  • Hal tells the spiderguild to give them Sinestro.
  • Hal tells Sinestro that he hates to rush him, and Sinestro assures him that he's almost there.


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SinHal is a common pairing in the Green Lantern fandom, but typically gets overlooked for Hal's ships with Justice League members, such as HalBarry and BatLantern.

On AO3, SinHal is the most written ship for Sinestro and the third most written for Hal. It is also the third most written in the Green Lantern - All Media Types tag and the Green Lantern (Comics) tag.



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