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Sleeping bad girl is the femslash ship between Heather McNamara and Veronica Sawyer from the Heathers fandom.


In the very beginning of the movie, the Heathers are shown playing croquet. When it's Heather Chandler's turn, she hits the ball hard into Veronica's head. When she yells in pain, Heather McNamara seems highly disturbed by what Heather did to Veronica.

In Heathers the Musical, in the song Beautiful, Heather McNamara compliments Veronica's symmetrical face and gets very close to Veronica many times.

In the song Candy Store, Heather grabs Veronica's hand when she says "Then get in my jeep!"

At Heather Chandlers funeral, You can see that after Heather McNamara is extremely traumatized by Heathers "Suicide" Veronica knows full well she murdered this girls best friend, And even shows slight sympathy and clearly feels bad for her.

After Heather C.s funeral, Heather M. asks Veronica to go on a double date with her. Though Veronica was hesitant she agreed to go with her,

After Kurt Kelly was hitting on Veronica, Veronica did not blame heather M. at all for making her go on a double date with him. Even if she was harassed.

When heather duke and Veronica were in her room, They heard Heather McNamara on the radio. She explained her depression and said how she's failing in math and her best friend and boyfriend killed themselves (Canonically murderd by Veronica and JD).

Veronica was writing in her diary saying "I killed heather Chandler now heather duke is filling her those" Meaning she's plotting to kill duke as well, She could be protecting heather M. because she's getting bullied by heather duke?

When Heather M. was running to the bathroom with sleeping pills Veronica sprinted after her and immediately threw her on the wall when she tried to kill herself. Veronica yelled "What are you trying to do sleep!?" as she stepped on the sleeping pills, Heather started to cry and sat on the floor and veronica sat down next to her. They had a conversation spilling there feelings and life problems. After that Heather M. invited Veronica to go shopping with her veronica agreed and they sat agest the wall as heather leaned angst veronica and rested her head on her shoulder.

In heathers the musical After Jason dean killed himself veronica came back in the school, At that time heather McNamara hugged Veronica tight saying "I thought you killed yourself!"


This is one of the most popular ship from the heathers. This ship is fannon due to the fact Veronica dating JD although its possible they could be canon because Ram and Jd are dead.

The ship name is Sleeping bad girl because the popularity of this ship rose after Veronica stopped Heather from killing herself with Sleeping pills. And Veronica is known on the heathers fandom as a "Bad girl" Due to the fact that she wears mostly blue and black and she drinks and smokes. She also murderd 3 people but her secret died with JD.

This ships biggest rivals are Verason


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