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Snaibsel is the femslash ship between Artemis Crock and Zatanna Zatara from the Young Justice fandom.


Season 1


Zatanna and Artemis arrive at the base at the same time, Artemis complimenting Zatanna on her Halloween costume. Zatanna compliments her as well and asks how long Conner and M'Gann have been a couple. Artemis says that they're not when she looks to the two and realizes that Zatanna is right. She starts to walk away from the group and Zatanna quickly follows and apologizes since she didn't know about Artemis' crush. Zatanna brings up the dance, but Artemis isn't in the mood. Zatanna offers another option and changes them into their superhero gear for a girls night out.

They head to Manhattan, but can't really find any crime. Artemis wants some action, but Zatanna suggests that Artemis really needs to talk about Conner and M'Gann. Artemis just revs her bike and says she needs something to beat up. The drive through the city and stop several thugs from commiting crimes. Zatanna points out that there were easier ways to take out the last group of thugs, but Artemis says that they had it coming, so really there's no harm done. Their bikes are then blown up and Harm walks through the fire, ready to attack.

Artemis fires a few arrows, while Zatanna tries her magic, but neither work on him. He throws his sword at Zatanna but she dodges out of the way. Artemis then tries some exploding arrows, but he throws them back at her. Zatanna is able to push Artemis out of the way as she see's a girl call them over. Zatanna says it's time to retreat as she sends a fire ring around Harm. Artemis think that was good, and Zatanna says she's been practicing. Artemis asks who the girl is, but Zatanna asks if she actually cares right now, but neither do as they continue to follow. They reach a dead end, as the girl lowers the fire escape from the top of the building. Zatanna says she likes her already and they follow her to the top.

Zatanna asks the girl who she is, and the girl introduces herself as Secret. Artemis needs answers about Harm, but Secret just repeats her name and points to Harm who followed them. Artemis says he's fast and fires an arrow on a water tower, which Zatarra uses to freeze him. They run as Artemis asks where Secret went and Zatanna finds her, quickly chasing after.

Harm cuts the strings on Artemis' bow, and she tells Zatanna to hold him off while she fixes it. Harm tosses Zatanna aside and Artemis and Harm go in hand to hand combat. Zatanna tries to pull out the sword, but it shocks her and knocks her unconscious. Artemis calls for her, as Harm knocks her aside and calls her weak for caring about others. Zatanna sees Secret and starts to follow, Artemis throwing a gas arrow at Harm and following close behind. Secret disappears again, and Zatanna questions where to go. Artemis decides they should zipline to the magic store, when Harm catches up and asks how they knew they were at his home. The two are confused, but then knocked unconscious.

Artemis wakes up and a tv turns on to reveal Zatanna tied to a chair with a crossbow pointed at her. Harm demands answers or Zatanna will die, but Zatanna is able to get free and release Artemis. They run out of the room and down the stairs where Secret is waiting. Artemis is about to fire on her, but Zatanna says not to. Artemis assumes Secret is Harm's partener, but Zatanna asks why she would save her if that was the case. Artemis doesn't know, just as Harm fires on them and they race through the basement and out the cellar door to the backyard.

They find a grave and Secret floats out of the grave. Artemis is in shock over an actual ghost and Zatanna asks Secret how she died. Secret shows Harm's dagger, just as Harm shows up. Secret is able to take away his magic and Artemis is able to knock him out while Zatanna ties him up. Secret then returns to the grave, and Artemis still can't believe that anyone, even Harm, could kill their own sister. Artemis is about to say something about her own sister but stops. Zatanna wants her to talk to her, but Artemis says she doesn't have any secrets. They hear the cops and Zatanna points out that they did blow up the kitchen as Artemis points out the magic shop across the street. The word Secret is lit up and Artemis thinks it was the last thing Greta saw.

Season 3


Halo asks why they're not with Zatanna and her dad, but Artemis explains that they're not there for when they're together. When Zatanna's father puts Fate's Helmet's fat back on and leaves, she breaks down crying. Artemis comes behind her and hugs her. She says it'll be okay, but Zatanna asks if it really will.


Artemis calls Zatanna and has her meet her in the park. Zatanna arrives with Roquel and M'Gann who says that they're there to help also. Artemis says that only Zatanna can help her and whispers to ask Zatanna why she brought them. Zatanna says that they're not here for this part, but the aftermath, assuming they do this. Artemis is offended that there would only be an assumption, and Zatanna says she already told her about the limits to her own magic. She can't raise the dead, and if they do this, it will leave Artemis devastated all over again. She begs Artemis to reconsider, but Artemis says that she never had her closure. Zatanna loves Artemis, but this is something that Artemis needs to work through, but Artemis just wants Zatanna's magic. Zatanna says that the best she can do is get her to meet Wally halfway, and Artemis thanks her. Zatanna tells her not to, and to try and not hate her when it's all over. Zatanna explains how it all works, and tells Artemis to get out by sunrise. Artemis understands and Zatanna performs the spell.

Artemis returns from limbo and Zatanna runs over and hugs her. Artemis says that she's good and got exactly what she needed. She thanks Zatanna and the four walk off. Raquel asks how she did it and Zatanna whispers to her that she and M'gann worked together to make a fake spell so that Artemis could work things out on her own. They'll tell her someday, or they might not.


Season 1


  • Artemis is glad that Zatanna is back at base, and asks if this means she's joining the team.
  • Zatanna calls to Artemis when she gets hit by lightning.
  • Artemis says that Doctor Fate can't keep Zatanna.
  • Artemis goes to Zatanna's side when she falls down in anguish.
  • Artemis helps Zatanna move in, and allows her some alone time.

Season 2


  • Artemis thinks it's impressive that Dick got something so specific from Zatanna.

Season 3

Private Security

  • Artemis says that Zatanna would be there soon.
  • Artemis says hi to Zatanna.


  • Zatanna knocks on the door to get Artemis to leave.


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Snaibsel has decent popularity within the Young Justice (Cartoon) fandom. Most of this is due to their interactions during the Halloween episode. Shipping died down though, due to their limited interactions after the first season. However, it is still overall popular, and has fans that come back to it whenever they interact.

On AO3, Snaibsel is the second most written ship for Artemis and the second most written for Zatanna. It is also the ninth most written ship in the Young Justice (Cartoon) tag.



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  • Their ship name is "lesbians" spelled backwards. A reference to Zatanna's spells needing to be said backwards.


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