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SnowRai is the het ship between Snow Villiers and Lightning Farron from the Final Fantasy fandom.


Final Fantasy XIII

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Both Snow and Lightning are orphans who grew up in Cocoon's sure line town, Bodhum.

After the two and the rest of their friends saved Cocoon and opened a door to a new way of life, their time together allowed Lightning to see that Snow is the right man for her sister's hand and gives the two her blessing.

Final Fantasy XIII-2

After the goddess Etro altered the timeline when she brought Lightning to Valhalla, it caused everyone Lightning knows to forgot about the happy moment she shared with Snow and the rest of their friends and loved ones, Snow began to believe that Light had joined Fang and Vanille in their next task to upon Cocoon's crystal pillar. Lightning's younger sister and Snow's fiancé, Serah, was the only one to remember and after two years of her telling Snow that Lightning was with them that day, he decides to push past his initial doubts so he could make it his mission to find Lightning on Serah's behalf. Snow tells Lightning's younger sister that he believes her clam before he leaves New Bodhum, with the promise of returning with Lightning and the blessing for their marriage.

During Snow's search for Lightning, and has been filled with hardships and dangers, Snow asks the Cactuar he befriended to brand him a L'Cie, so he'll have the strength to continue fighting after he had a terrible vision about the future. From within Valhalla Lightning is able to see into many timelines and knew that she'll need Snow's help in one that threatens Cocoon's crystal pillar. After the Historia Crux brings Snow to Sunleth Waterscape of 300 AF, Lightning appears to Snow in a dream where she tells him what she needs Snow to do in order to keep Serah, Fang and Vanille safe.

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII

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Five centuries after Valhalla merged with Gran Pulse to become Nova Chrysalia, Snow's time helping Hope and Noel to save the decaying world, by providing people with food and supplies to keep them from waring over it, led to him becoming Patron of Yusnaan. While the God of Light, Bhunivelze, choice Lightning to be his savior when he awakened Light from her crystal slumber. So she'll be able to save as many souls from the dying world in the next thirteen days. When Lightning tried to save Snow soul at one of his feasts at the end of time, he recognizes her as he learns that Lightning is the savior from the legend, before attacking her in self defence. Since Lightning needs to kill or help someone's heart find joy to save their souls, and Lightning was close to killing Snow to save his, if it wasn't for the mysterious Lumina interfering their battle and allowing Snow the chance to escape. Lightning's failed attempted to save Snow at that moment forces her to leave Yusnaan, until things cool down.

Lightning attack Patron Snow had made Light a wanted woman in Yusnaan when she return to the city, in hopes that she'll be able to save her friend the next time she sees him. Once Lightning got back into the palace, she meets a guard who is worried about Snow and tells Light how he locks himself in a lead room where cries could be heard from it. When Lightning found the door to the room it was sealed with ice that her magic alone wouldn't melt, but once Lightning found the necklace Snow had given Serah all though centuries ago she knew that Snow wouldn't have left it laying around, along with having a feeling that the necklace is the key to the door. As Lightning holds the necklace up to the door she calls out to Snow about how he must remember the love he and Serah had for one another, in order to open it. Snow greets Lightning as she walks in the room where he has been waiting for her, as he explains that their previous fight was ruse to confirm that Lightning is indeed the savior. Along with Snow showing Lightning the Chaos infusion he has kept sealed away to protect the city. While Snow shares his thoughts about how he had failed to save Serah, she could see his pain as she too feels guilty for failing Serah too.


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Despite Lightning's view of Snow in the first game of the Lightning saga, it hasn't stopped fans from shipping them together.

On AO3, the ship has 31 fanfics on the romantic side of it, along with the friendship side of the ship has only 8. While over 257 fanfics with 32 place under pairing in its Final Fantasy XIII category, 17 in its Final Fantasy XIII-2 category and 19 in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.



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