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Snowdric is the cargo ship between Edric Blight and snow from The Owl House fandom.


In "Lost in Language", Edric briefly had a snowball fight with Luz and Emira. The three used copies of a book about the history of snowballs to make snowballs come to life. Edric was ambushed by Luz and was hit with plenty of snowballs. On the ground, Edric fired back at Luz, who ran away. While Luz looked at a book about Otabin, Edric is seen chasing Emira while firing snowballs.

In "Adventures in the Elements", Edric, Emira, and Amity met with Luz and Eda to train at the Knee, a well-known Boiling Isles monument completely covered in snow. Edric witnessed Eda identifying different types of snow by taste. Curious, he then attempted to lick a snowball. He brought it slowly towards his face before Emira forcefully slapped it out of his hand and dragged him away. As he was pulled, Edric sadly gaped at the fallen snowball before smiling and waving at Luz.

Later in the episode, Edric is seen using snow to train with Amity. When Amity waved at Luz, Edric used magic to completely submerge her in snow. In the rest of season 1 and season 2A, there were no moments between Edric and snow. Though, there could have possibly been moments off-screen before or after the events of The Owl House. Regardless of whether there are moments or not, Edric likes snow.


Cargoships have gradually been getting more popular in The Owl House fandom. The people that ship cargoships tend to ship them as a joke though. Snowdric is often overshadowed by Jerbric and Goldric. It's also rivaled by another one of Edric's cargoships, Edrictionary. Many people only started shipping Snowdric after Edric tried to lick snow. Some have jokingly used hashtags like #LetEdricEatTheSnow or #LetEdricEatSnow.



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