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“Is this the only way you can catch a woman, by entrapping her?”

Snowing is the het ship between Snow and Charming from the Once Upon A Time fandom.


Snow and Charming's love is true love, even more special than the average true love. They have two children, Emma Swan and Prince Neal, and a grandson, Henry Mills.

Their first meeting was less than friendly — Snow attacked Charming's carriage, and stole his mother's ring. He chased after her, but was surprised she was a woman, which allowed her to get away. Over time, Snow and Charming fell in love. King George did not approve of the relationship as Charming was set to marry Princess Abigail against his will. After around a year of being together, Snow and Charming got married, but their wedding was interrupted by the Evil Queen, who announced she would be unleashing a Dark Curse.

In Storybrooke, their cursed identities were called Mary Margaret Blanchard and David Nolan. David was in a coma during the curse (as he was attacked shortly before the curse) and Mary Margaret visited his hospital bed every day. Not long after Emma's arrival in Storybrooke, David woke up from the coma but couldn't remember anything. It turned out that he was married to Kathryn (Abigail's cursed counterpart), but still developed feeling for Mary Margaret.


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As one of the main couples in the series, Snowing is one of the most popular ships.


Emma Swan

Emma Swan (b. October 22, 1983) was born shortly before the First Curse, which sent the inhabitants of the Enchanted Forest to Storybrooke where they didn't age for 28 years. Emma, destined to become a Savior to free the residents of Storybrooke, was protected from the curse with a magic wardrobe, and didn't know about her family for 28 years.

Prince Neal

Prince Neal was conceived after the Storybrooke citizens returned to their own realm. However, the curse is reset and they are returned to the modern world missing their memories from the past few months. Snow and Charming realize they must have been gone for several months due to Snow's pregnancy progression.


“Whoever married Katherine, it's not me. I didn't choose her. I'm choosing you”
—David to Mary Margaret



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  • The name "Snowing" is a combination of the characters' fairy tale names (Snow White and Prince Charming).
  • Snow and Charming's actors, Ginnifer Goodwin and Josh Dallas, are married in real life.



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